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This is an excellent blog posting and a tremendous amount of homework went into it. Just hand over La flaca from San Nicholas de los Garza to me Mx. Authorities. I ll make sure she pays her debt to society. Mamasita! She s so sweet. Women in uniform! We all thought that La Guera Loca (The Crazy Blond) was executed by the Los Zetas and in this article it s stated that She is the most wanted woman in Mexico.

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Was it her that was executed by the Los Zetas or is she still alive? ? La Guera Loca was not the one executed in the Los Zetas video. I believe that women went by La Wera Loca and people got them confused. La Guera Loca is not the most wanted woman in Mexico, she s one of the top 69 most wanted women in Mexico.

Enedina is the most wanted women in Mexico. La Comandanta que los Z mataron era la Borrada tambien conocida como la Wera. La wera y la wera loca son diferentes personas. Doz Fronteras La wera loca is already dead she got killed in Coahuila. La Wera that the Z killed is La Comandanta Borrada also known as la Wera.

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Don t get confused beteween La Wera Loca and La Wera they are difrent persons both dead tho. Two BordersOoooh shit! ! And I had contacted Angela Valencia Sanclemente Veronica Mireya Moreno Carreon to be my harem girls. What a pity now they are arrested.

*Arab Sheikh. Does anybody have a source saying that La Guera Loca is dead? I have not seen anything stating that she is dead, but I could be wrong. She was named one of Mexicos top 69 most wanted women just over a month ago. La emparatriz was the real person who put the hit on Tachillo Torres right.

Then when Manuel Torres el Ondeado found out he was gonna kill her. And Chapo told him to calm down or they were gonna kill himChivis i had read an article on BB that mentioned a lady named Aurora that was the one responsible for Tachillo s death. Is that person La Emperatriz or is Doña Aurora a new super low key player? Is Blanca Cázares Salazar the one who had M6s kid killed? And then the sinaola cartel blamed it on BLOAs did I however I could not find the comment.

Can you please tell me which of the posts you saw it?

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