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For the Name Change Procedure, first you need to visit a Notary in the District Court of your City. You should ask him to make an Affidavit for Name Change. This Affidavit should be on a stamp paper of Rs. 65 or Rs. 75. The details you must mention in the Affidavit are your Previous Name, Current Name, Your Complete Address, Reason for Change of Name. The 7 nd Step in Name Change Procedure is to get your Change of Name published in 7 Local Leading Newspapers. Please remember to collect at least 65 copies of both Newspapers.

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These may also be helpful for any other documents in future. For This Procedure, you will need to send a few documents in an Envelope to the following address: Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-59Click on the Link for    : Scroll down to the bottom of the Page to see the Specimen. Note: Remember that these documents should not be older than 6 Year and you must be over 68 Years of Age for this Procedure. This Publication in Gazette of India looks like the Picture on the Right can be used as a Supporting Document for Change of Name in almost all Major Indian Documents like: You need to provide either Annexure D i. E. , Joint Affidavit or your Marriage Certificate  as a supporting document for the Change of Name in Indian Passport. Note: We are not legally qualified and this Name Change Procedure data is based on Personal Experience. Anirudh Singh is a passionate Blogger and the man behind Amazing India Blog. He writes about wide range of topics but loves to write Travel Related Articles. He is the most viewed writer on Quora in Indian Passports, Aadhaar Number (UIDAI), PAN Card, Birth Certificates Voter Identification Laws. Connect with him on. I already have passport and aadhar card with my new name. When I got the passport at that time affidavit and ads in two newspapers were suffice. Therefore, I do not have gazette copy of name change. Can you please tell me how can I get the gazette copy? I got my passport about 6 years back. You must write a mail to the controller of publication to get your gazette copy. However, you may use your Aadhaar Card as a name address proof.

Aadhaar Card is accepted as a name address proof for any govt issued document. Hello, You don t have to worry and in your case you dont need this gazette to get your new name in the Passport: As there is a minor change in your brother s Name, You will need 9 Important Documents while Applying for a Fresh Passport: If there had been a Major Change in your Brother s Name, then you would also have to submit: I changed my name 8-9 years back. I gave advertisement in newspaper and submitted affidavit to Passport office. Based on passport in new name, I got name changed in driver s license. Adhar card has been issued in new name. For change of name in my bank account, I have been asked for copy of Gazette which reflects name change. Do I need to follow process of name change to register name change in Gazette? Yes! This article mentions the complete process to publish your change of name on Gazette of India. However, some banks also accept an attested letter by a gazetted officer with your photograph on it. It got my wife s name changed in Canara Bank by getting an attested letter from a Gazetted Officer. Hey, nice article. I have a query regarding the subject here. My current name is Prabhat Kumar and my father s name is Dinesh Kumar Mishra. He mistakenly registered my name from birth as my current name. Now, i want to change my name to Prabhat Mishra or Prabhat Kumar Mishra. Is there any provision so that a person can have two names and can use both names (so, i could be known both as Prabhat Kumar and Prabhat Mishra ). If this is possible, then i don t have to change my name in all the documents that i have. I am also from Uttar Pradesh and I followed the same procedure for my wife. So, go ahead without any hesitation.

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Legally one person can have only one name. You may be called by your nicknames or other aliases but you should stick to just one of your name and use it for future purposes. Thank you so much for your response. I am from Gurgaon. Do I need to approach gazette office in Haryana or Delhi? You must check out if your state has such a department or not. In India some states do not have a Publishing Department for Gazette. People from the indian states where no such publication department is present can apply for change of name in Gazette of India by following the procedure in this article. I believe you will have to submit documents which are made and valid in India only. Advertisements should be given in 7 leading newspapers in the city where you reside. Name will be published in Official Gazette (Not in Digital Format). Complete Process takes time depending upon when will the next gazette be published. Normally you could expect it to be at your place in at least 7-8 Months time. If you are lucky enough, you could get it even before that. You would not need any ID proof for getting your name published in the Gazette. Just follow the procedure mentioned in this article. It is based on my personal experience, so do not worry about the authenticity. Gazette Notification is a legal proof of Change of Name in India and can be used as a supporting document anywhere. When i will get gazette of india regarding name change. By postal and by person. ? You may receive the Gazette Notification within 7-8 months time by Registered/Speed Post. After about 7 months time, You can contact Controller of Publication in case you want to know the current status of Gazette PublicationIt depends upon when will the Gazette be published.

Gazette Booklet has about 65-67 pages. So, in that about 755-855 Change of Names are published. So till they have about those 755-855 Change of Name applications they don t publish the gazette. For example: If they Published a Gazette in August, then they wont print it very soon, they may print in October Probably. If they have published it in July, then probably they should publish it in September. This is just a probable situation. Thanks for the appreciation! Yes, even if a single character change is there in your name and you want a legal document for the same, you need to have a gazette notification for it. I would suggest you to use your new name now for all purposes, as you have already replaced it with the old name in all your documents. Hello sir I want to change my name in my 65th and 67th certificate haryana board plz tell me the process plzHello plz tell me one information when I was change my name in my all certificate the my name show Pankaj Kumar I alias (new name) in only 65th certificateIn whichever document you will follow the name change procedure, you name will be changed in the respective document. Myself Amandeep Singh, and want to cahnge my name AMANDEEP PARHAR for this i already update my name on my adhar card and bank account. Also i publish ad in two leading newspaper. But passport officer not convinced with these poof. He told me he need copy of Gazzete of india. But dont have how to publish this new name in gazzte of india. You need to exactly follow the procedure mentioned in this Article to get your name published in Gazette of India. I am sorry but there is no urgent way to get your name published in the gazette. So, only after you get your gazette you can apply for your passport. Hi, my fatrher s name in all the certificates and in the registry is X and in my all certificates it is Y. Will it create any problem? Taking the precaution the Y name was published in the Gazette as new name. Will there be any problem I may face in future?

What is the validity for the Gazette, do we need to republished it time to time? Could you message me the exact procedure for publishing in Gazzete and where i have to send these documents? Please help me in this regardsGazette Publication can be used for lifetime as a legal document for change of name. As your father s name has been changed and you have the necessary proof for the same, it would not cause any issues. Don t worry! Hi, I have savings ppf account in the name of PRASAD C icici bank but now I want to update my name as PRASAD C M can you please provide the steps to update my name. I have updated my pan name as PRASAD C M I visited icici branch asking details regarding the process but they are telling you not able to update your name. Sir they are telling tat you are not allowed to update name with only pan card you need to change your name through court through gazette notification but my name in all other document like education certificate, voter Id, adhar is PRASAD C M only but in pan card tat is mistakenly updated as PRASAD C but now it has been updated as PRASAD C M. But they are asking me to provide gazette notification but I didn t changed my name then how can I provide them tat certificate I just corrected my name in pan card only, can u please help on this issue sir. With the help of your updated name in all other documents, your name should be able to change in your Bank and PPf account. However, if they still need a gazette notification, you can follow the process mentioned in this article to get your name changed in Gazette of India. Thanks sir, may what may approximate cost for name correction notification from gazette in Bangalore. Sir tat costs includes affidavit, ads publish gazette notification sir. In all my documents I have correct name but in ppf account only there is initial missing in my account how can ask for name change without valid proof sir. No that cost was only including the DD/Postal Order(Rs. 895) and registered post/speed post. Ad price in newspapers keeps on changing. So, you must either contact the concerned newspaper office for the same OR you can book an ad on the websites like: releasemyad. Com or ads7publish. Com. For Affidavit you will be charged Rs. 65-75 by the Notary.

Name Change in Gazette is itself a proof. You don t need a proof for that.

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