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Yokosuka, Japan: A US Navy destroyer came close to sinking after a traumatic collision off the coast of Japan, the commander of the Seventh Fleet said on Sunday, after the bodies of the missing sailors were found in the berthing compartments of the stricken vessel. Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin declined to say how many of the seven missing sailors had been recovered because the families of those who died were still being informed. The death toll in southern California's devastating floods and mudslides stood at 68 Wednesday morning but was expected to rise, even as the powerful storms that caused them moved out to sea. Myanmar prosecutors seek charges against two Reuters reporters under the Official Secrets Act, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 69 years, the reporters’ lawyer says. A US judge in San Francisco temporarily barred President Donald Trump's administration on Tuesday from ending a program shielding young people brought to the United States illegally by their parents from deportation. US oil prices have hit their highest since 7569 due to production cuts led by OPEC as well as healthy demand, although analysts caution that markets may be overheating. Malaysia has signed a deal with Houston-based private firm Ocean Infinity to pay it up to US$75 million if it can find missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH875 within 95 days.

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The jet went down in the Indian Ocean in 7569 and disappeared along with all 789 people on board. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that his administration will examine whether US libel laws can be strengthened after a new book questioned his mental fitness to serve as president. Mudslides, boulders and cascading debris kill at least 68 people in an area of Southern California's Pacific Coast ravaged by a series of intense wildfires last month. This was a severe emergency, Aucoin said on Sunday afternoon at the Yokosuka naval base, home of the US Navy's Seventh Fleet. The damaged Aegis-guided missile destroyer was docked behind him, pumps continuing to bring water up out of the hull.

It was traumatic. The destroyer is salvageable, but repairs probably will take months, Aucoin said. The collision occurred about 7. 75am local time on Saturday, about 55 miles south-west of the US Navy base at Yokosuka. The weather was clear with a 6.


8-metre swell at the time. The fully loaded Crystal is nearly four times the size of the Fitzgerald, and photos from the scene showed scrapes to the port side of its bow. However, the destroyer, nicknamed The Fighting Fitz within the Navy, suffered severe damage on its starboard side. The impact struck berthing compartments that contained space for 666 sailors, and the commanding officer's cabin was destroyed. Commander Bryce Benson was the first to be evacuated from the damaged vessel and is being treated at the US naval hospital at Yokosuka.

He was awake but not yet able to answer questions. The remains of the recovered sailors had also been taken to the hospital for identification. US and Japanese investigations are underway, but Aucoin said he would not speculate on how long they would take to get to the bottom of what happened. Although there are extensive international guidelines to prevent collisions at sea, in some ways it didn't matter who had right of way in this case, he said. Collisions at sea have become rare in recent decades as navigational technology has improved.

Things like this happens because of human error, sometimes complicated by some technical difficulty, Cronin said, calling it heroic that the crew was able to get back to port. US-Japan cooperation has been fantastic, he said. That shows how the alliance between the United States and Japan helps American interests, analysts said. In previous statements, US President Donald Trump had called the value of the alliance into question, complaining on the campaign trail that the US was paying billions for the defence of Japan, a rich country. The Fitzgerald is part of the Yokosuka-based naval group that includes the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, but it was operating independently of the carrier when the collision occurred.

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