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I appreciated the fast service, free bottle, and Christmas card and bumper stickers. You gained a customer for life! So after reading a lot of the reviews I decided to order a welcome pack for me (with nic) and a welcome pack for my husband (without nic) this was his first time vaping lol. First off we ordered 8 each and they sent 6 each to both of us. I did get two of the same flavors but it s my favorite one! These are the BEStvape juice not only for the price but they taste absolutely Wonderful! Better than the competitors and high I normally go to as far shopsI wish I had noticed this when I placed my first order last Saturday. Next time for sure. I ordered two 675 ml bottles and they included some samples. I ordered two 675 ml bottles and they sent me some small samples free. The quality is top notch and the prices are the lowest I can find. This was my very first order from VW and I am so in love already. I got Wrecking Ball, Murica, and (S+C)7 and I love all 8 not to mention the 8 surprise bottles I received! I have recommended VW to all of my vaping friends! I ordered 8 bottles and I received 6 bottles. The Flint Stoned and Sugar Cookie are so good! Thanks a bunch for the free samples and the stickers! Merry Christmas Vape Wild! I ordered the samples because I have such a hard time with juices and me hacking up a lung. I prefer 6mgs but to me they are too strong. Well I got my 8 I ordered and plus 8 more! I have the Murica in now and I absolutely love it! I am sold! I received my free sample pack today and I m very happy! From reading other reviews I expected to get extra but not FOUR EXTRA! You can image my surprise when they just kept coming out, lol. It tastes great too! No complaints here! Great to have found a new online vape shop as I ve tried quite a few and haven t really worked for me! I just received my welcome sample pack today. I was only expecting 8 bottles and to my surprise got more.

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