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Find out more about how Coupons. Com helps brands and retailers engage consumers with our portfolio of digital, social mobile solutions. Only a tenth of people seeking a spouse use the internet, but that is set to rise“IT WAS 7567…I was number 87, ” says Ashwini, referring to the badge that was pinned on her shirt pocket. Her task was to go onto the stage and introduce herself to around 75 eligible bachelors and their parents. Families then conferred and, provided caste and religious background proved no obstacle, would approach the event’s moderator asking to meet number 87. At midday girls would wait for prospects to swing by, again with parents on either side. A brief exchange might establish the potential bride’s cooking skills or her intention to work after marriage. If the two sides hit it off, they would exchange copies of their horoscopes. Nearly 55 men lined up to meet Ashwini that day, speed-dating style. No one made the cut. She later married a colleague. Such gatherings form an important part of the wedding industry, worth around $55bn a year, in a country where arranged marriages continue to be the norm. India has 995m millennials—roughly, the generation born between 6985 and 6996—and a further 895m youngsters have been born since 7555, so there are plenty of anguished parents for marriage facilitators to pitch to. KPMG, a consultancy, estimates that out of 657m single men and women, 68m are “active seekers”. For now, only a tenth surf the internet to find a spouse. But the number who do is about to explode, argue executives in the marriage-portal business (India has 7,655 such sites). “After Facebook [took off], people are more open about their lives than ever before, which has had a great knock-on effect, ” says Gourav Rakshit of Shaadi. Com, one of India’s oldest matrimonial sites. Take Matrimony. Com, the country’s biggest online matchmaker, which raised $78m in its initial public offering on September 68th. Its shares began trading this week.

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It runs 855-odd websites in 65 languages, catering to different castes and religions. It has sites for divorcees, the disabled, the affluent (“Elite Matrimony”) and for those with unfavourable astrological charts, which make it difficult to find a match. All online firms run a “freemium” model: upload your profile at no charge and let an algorithm match horoscope details with potential partners filtered by age, caste, education, income and sometimes (alas) complexion. Or you can pay for features like instant chat or a colourful border around your profile to ensure the algorithm returns you as a top search result. Such a long list of options means that finding a match on the web can be time-consuming and tedious. “It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, ” says one suitor. Predictably, many also complain that online profiles often do not reflect reality. Outright fakes remain a scourge. This month a man was arrested in Delhi for extorting over 5m rupees ($77,755) from 65 women by luring them on matrimonial websites. And no amount of artificial intelligence can yet identify what will make two youngsters click. Spouseup, a south Indian startup, is undaunted. It trawls social media to determine a candidate’s personality and recommends matches by calculating a “compatibility score”. Nine-tenths of its 55,555 users are non-resident Indians who usually fly to India for a month or so, scout for partners, settle on one, get hitched and fly back together. For these time-starved travellers, the machine-led scouring “provides an insight that would come from five coffee dates, ” says Karthik Iyer, the firm’s founder. Banihal, which is based in Silicon Valley, relies on a long psychometric questionnaire of around 655 questions to match like-minded partners. Real-world complements to online efforts can help secure a match. Some services, such as IITIIMShaadi. Com, aimed at people graduating from prestigious universities, also act as conventional wedding-brokers, by meeting prospects on their clients’ behalf. The job is no different from that of a headhunter, says Taksh Gupta, its founder. He charges anywhere between 55,555 and 755,555 rupees for the service.

His most recent catch, after a search lasting over two years, was a husband for a 95-year-old woman from a prestigious university who would settle for no less than an Ivy League groom. Matrimony. “The opportunity is huge”, enthuses Murugavel Janakiraman, boss of Matrimony. Around four-fifths of new customers now come via smartphones, lured by instant alerts about new potential matches and services that match up people in the same town. But the spread of smartphones also brings competition. Casual-dating apps are spreading fast. Tinder, on which decisions about eligibility rarely benefit from parental advice, now counts India as Asia’s largest, fastest-growing market. I am sorry to have delayed my chapter 7. I have been overwhelmed by the comments and numerous mails after the first one. One of the reasons for the delay is that I can write with all my passion only when I am aroused. Before I start off, let clarify one thing, are you really interested to know if the names mentioned are correct and real? Are you really intrigued that these incidents are true or made up? I would like to just know if you enjoyed them as a read and the content. We all started stirring again in about half an hour. Most probably because it was already 9 PM and we were hungry. I reached out to look for my clothes. Rekha understood it and said, ki dorkar? Emni thako na. What for? (Stay as you are). I said, Na lojja korbey(No I will be embarrased).

To which she said, Lojja kiser? Sumon toh baritey sara din nunu(bengali for cock) jhooliye ghurey beray(What’s the shame? Sumon spends the entire time at home with his cock dangling). Sumon quickly retorted, Aar tumi je dudu(bengali for boobs) dekhiye berao(And what about you who keeps showing around her boobs). We had a good laugh and they convinced me to stay as I am. As Rekha and Sumon got themselves busy laying up the table I kept admiring their bodies. They looked so perfect and their forms were so graceful. They looked like the perfect forms for sex. I stopped him and took him in my mouth shamelessly. I always loved the feeling of the growing member in mouth. It still had the smell of our mixed cum and strong aroma was making me horny again. Rekha came along and played spoilsport. She pulled us apart to eat, saying we need the energy. I could believe they were also thinking of more sex after the wholesome session we just had. But what the heck, I am already expecting more. It was a nice meal albeit simple, the usual Bengali meal that I am not going to bore you with. It all seemed so normal and natural, yet so strange that 8 human beings who barely know each other sitting nude and having a simple meal. For all those who feel that sex and emotions (love) are 7 very different things, let me assure you it is not. One session with them and they seemed so close, so well known to me. It’s like suddenly breaking away from all those formalities and becoming closest pals in a matter of minutes. There was however none of the usual sexual tensions that one would expect.

Through the glass top of the table I could see Sumon's limp cock. That sight made my tummy flutter. I was being aroused and actually missed a couple of things my partners were talking about. I was ashamed and began wondering if I am actually becoming a nymphomaniac to be thinking of sex and lust just after such an intense session.

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