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We ve got more romance, some doctor-ing, and a couple more laps around the inferiority circle for Seo-woo. Hye-jung and Ji-hong ease into their romance, but it s no easy task to involve themselves in each other s lives. There are fine boundaries in the workplace and in their personal lives that they re learning to navigate. All the while, our doctors take on a new case, reminding us that they re capable neurosurgeons and multitaskers. We get quick glimpses of Hye-jung and Ji-hong in their childhood and fast-forward to where they are now. Hye-jung runs after Ji-hong and wraps her arms around him in a back-hug. She narrates: Dating is a joint history written by a man and woman.

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Understanding and accepting each other s past scars in the present is key to this history. In the neurosurgery department, Young-kook and Nurse Su-jin yawn in exhaustion as Hye-jung approaches. She receives a call from Kang-soo in the ER about a patient and orders him to prepare a surgery room. As she waits for the elevator, Hye-jung calls Ji-hong, who s at home watching a surgery, but she hangs up shortly after since she s entering the elevator. Hye-jung performs surgery while Kyung-joon dozes off next to her. She catches him nodding off and benevolently threatens him with a countdown to leave the surgery, insisting that she s fine on her own. In the break room, Joong-dae clears off the table at the arrival of their late night snack and enthusiastically greets the deliveryman (cameo by Namgoong Min ). Before he leaves, Deliveryman turns around to ask the doctors about his seven-year-old son s limp. His local clinic recommended that he take his son to a bigger hospital, and Kang-soo offers to schedule an appointment with Ji-hong. Speaking of Ji-hong, he enters the hospital and finds Hye-jung after her surgery. Nurse Su-jin admires his commitment to his patients even when he s not on call, but we re not under that same oblivion. Ji-hong looks around for spectators before taking Hye-jung s hand and leading her out. But then, a nurse passes by and Hye-jung shakes him off, acting nonchalant. They go for a walk outside, and Ji-hong shows off his heart-shaped headphone splitter. He plugs it into his phone and plays as they walk hand in hand. They sit down, and Ji-hong gently strokes her hair. Inevitably, their romantic moment is cut short by a call from Kang-soo about another patient, so they walk back to the hospital together, milking every moment they have. The next day, Deliveryman watches his two sons giggle and play with each other in the hospital lobby.

The nurse calls for the younger son, Dal, and they enter Ji-hong s office. Ji-hong asks Dal to walk to him and back to his father, and his smile falls after watching Dal drag his feet. In the directors meeting, Myung-hoon compliments Tae-ho for bringing up the neurosurgery department s profits. It seems that the video of Ji-hong s DBS surgery on the Olympic archer really marketed their department. Myung-hoon reissues their department credit card and vacation time as a reward, and he announces the continuation of the geriatric center project, much to Tae-ho s dismay. Ji-hong tells Dal s father that he needs an MRI to assess the exact cause of Dal s walking abnormality, and suddenly older brother Hae frantically says that he has to go to the bathroom. His father tries to calm him down, but it s an emergency and Hae runs out. Dal s father asks if the MRI is covered under insurance, and Ji-hong clarifies that the costs will be covered if the disease is identified after the scan. As Hae runs in the hallway, he bumps into Seo-woo and falls. She helps him up and directs him to the bathroom, and he runs off, dropping his phone behind him. Seo-woo waits for him outside the bathroom and hands giggly Hae his phone. She takes his hand to walk him back, and he continues to giggle as he compliments her: You re pretty. Seo-woo admits that she s been needing some affirmation recently. Seo-woo asks Hae if he always laughs and giggles this much, and he says yes but adds that it also makes him feel sad. He explains, My name is Hae (sun), and my brother s name is Dal (moon). Dal is sick, but I still laugh. I feel sorry because I laugh even when he s sick.

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Then, he proceeds to laugh more. His father calls for him, and Hae runs to him as he giggles. Seo-woo looks at the child strangely and beckons Yoon-do towards her. She approaches Hae s father and tells him that she suspects Hae s laughing to be associated with a disease. Yoon-do agrees that it could be a gelastic seizure and recommends that Hae get more tests. Myung-hoon walks through the hospital preaching to his entourage and stops when he sees their hospital in the news for unfair hiring practices. The hospital seems to be undergoing investigation for nepotism, and Myung-hoon erupts with anger, smashing the phone in his office ( ). Kang-soo receives a call from a producer of a documentary show, looking to interview the inspiration for the main character of his webtoon. She insists that this heroine with a difficult past becoming a successful doctor fits with her show s concept perfectly. Kang-soo says that this doctor wouldn t be interested and tells the producer to appreciate the webtoon as it is and leave it at that. Even after shutting the producer down, Kang-soo worries what will happen if Hye-jung discovers the webtoon that s all about her. Hye-jung walks down the hall on the other side of Ji-hong and signals him to go eat lunch together, but she s intercepted by Joong-dae and Kang-soo. They suggest going to the cafeteria together, and Hye-jung scolds them for wasting precious time. That scares them off easily, though Hye-jung looks apologetic. She texts Ji-hong that it s so difficult to eat together, and he responds with his signature puppy emoticon telling her to cheer up. She signals him again to meet at the cafeteria, and Ji-hong blows a kiss from the other side. Giddy and embarrassed, Hye-jung starts to run off and Ji-hong mirrors her. She tries to get herself together, but she s smiling like a fool.

Ji-hong grabs a table at the cafeteria, only to be called over by Pa-ran and In-joo at the next table. He s clearly disappointed but calls over a reluctant Hye-jung to their table when she arrives. Pa-ran senses that they just interrupted the two from sharing a meal together, and Ji-hong confirms his suspicion. Then, he proceeds to introduce Hye-jung to them as his girlfriend. Omo. In-joo and Pa-ran tease them, saying that they re going through their honeymoon phase now and then it s all downhill from here. But In-joo sincerely congratulates them, especially Ji-hong at his age. They promise to keep their secret, and Pa-ran teases them more by making kissy faces, before they high-five each other for being great friends. Director Jin bursts into Myung-hoon s office, angered by the bad press surrounding the hospital. A resentful former employee must have reported this, but Myung-hoon assures his father that the prosecutor on the case is a patient of their hospital, so the damage will be minimal. The hospital scandal seems to be affecting the doctors too Kyung-joon keeps getting comments from patients about doctors being hired through nepotism. Nurse Su-jin says that she s heard those comments directed to her as well. She brings up the possibility of Kang-soo s webtoon turning into a book, and Young-kook says that they should get on Kang-soo s good side in case he makes it big. So Kyung-joon makes Joong-dae do all the tedious check-ups. Aww, poor Joong-dae. Yoon-do spots a malformation in Hae s brain scans and confirms that he has a gelastic seizure. He compliments Seo-woo for recognizing the symptoms, and she notes that he s already complimented her twice today. Yoon-do admits that she s becoming a little pitiful, but Seo-woo knows that pity isn t love.

Yoon-do asks if she still likes him, so she asks if he still likes Hye-jung. He laughs and acknowledges that she knows his weakness. Seo-woo tells Yoon-do that Hae s brother is a patient of Ji-hong s, and he tells her to call him. Seo-woo then looks at him earnestly and confesses that she detests him but likes him a lot. He presumes that she likes him because of his desirable circumstances, but Seo-woo explains that at first, that was the case. It was a change from what she d experienced with suitors who liked her for her position. Yoon-do advises her to consider whether her feelings for him are love or reassurance. Seo-woo asks what the difference is, and Yoon-do tells her that having confidence in a person and loving a person are different. Even without confidence, you can make it to the end with love. She finds this too reckless, but Yoon-do says you love because it s reckless. As In-joo and Pa-ran advise our lovebirds on their workplace romance, Hye-jung gets a call from Seo-woo about their patient. They ll need to meet together to discuss the treatment options for the brothers, so Ji-hong and Hye-jung head out. Kang-soo runs towards them and tells Hye-jung that he has something to tell her alone, and Ji-hong teases her that it must be nice, implying that everyone has a crush on her. He leaves with a grin, saying that trust is important. Kang-soo makes Hye-jung promise not to kill him and then shows her the webtoon. She s not too fond of how her character looks, but she s mostly irked by how he used her story without permission. He tries to point out the pros and says that he could make her into a star, but she orders him to keep her identity hidden from these producers. Hye-jung enters the office, and Ji-hong immediately stands up for her to take a seat.

Both Yoon-do and Seo-woo sense something different with these two, but Ji-hong claims that they re just diagnosing their patient. Ji-hong tells Hye-jung to relay the diagnosis to the father, since she ll be operating on the patient. She smiles widely as she agrees to do so, and Yoon-do looks at them with sad envy.

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