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Sister dating your ex

We no longer check to see whether Telegraph. Co. Uk displays properly in Internet Explorer version 6 or earlier. I think that I am falling in love with my ex-girlfriend s little sister and I don t know what to do about it. She is only 67 and I am 78. I dated my ex, Alpana, for three years. We broke up after the first year as she was unhappy and thought I was cheating on her when I wasn t. It later transpired that she had cheated on me but blamed the problems on me as her guilt was killing her.

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Her family knew what happened and how much she hurt me. We did get back together after that but I treated her badly probably because of the hurt from the past and she dumped me again. We gave it one last try in January this year but she ended it again and I couldn t take any more so that was it. She has moved on and has another man in her life now. We are still friends and say hello when we see each other.

Her little sister Priya loves spending time with me and often texts me. She sometimes puts an x on the end of her texts but not always. She does have a boyfriend who she has been seeing for about a year but I don t think it is serious she only likes him and doesn t love him. She has told me that she is thinking of leaving him. Priya used to see me like a brother but now it is more like a close friend.

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She has never said she likes me but she does flirt with me. I know she is 67 but she is very mature. She looks and acts like she s 76I can t stop thinking about Priya and I think that I am falling in love with her. I am thinking of telling here next Summer when she is 68. What do you think?

Reading your letter I am left wondering what is worrying you most about the situation. Are you concerned about the reaction of your ex or her family if you started dating the younger sister? Are you worried that Priya is too young for you? As I am not sure which it is (or whether it is all of them) let me take a quick look at each concern in turn. First of all should you worry about what others think?

Your ex has moved on and has another boyfriend. It doesn t sound like she wants you for herself but that doesn t mean that she wouldn t find it strange if you started dating her younger sister one day. Alpana and her parents may be worried that Priya and you might have a similar experience and they may feel protective towards her because of that. What could you do to help re-assure them all? I would also recommend that you don t disclose any intimate details or private stories about her sister to Priya.

If you do it won t endear you to Alpana and also it would show Priya that you couldn t be trusted. If you do ever start dating Priya make sure that Alpana is one of the first to know and doesn t discover the news from someone else.

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