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It sounds so obvious but smiling when on a can make a huge difference to how the date progresses. Is a potential minefield we’re often so worried about what might go wrong that we forget to do the simplest things. Experts say that smiling actually relaxes the muscles in your face and not to mention it looks good too! Smiling really can change your mood, if you leave the house smiling you’ll feel optimistic about your. Not only will it change how you feel but when your date sees your, it will automatically make them want to do the same. It will make you both feel more confident in the date and will get you off on the right foot. Now you don’t want to be sat there like the Cheshire Cat (but it’s a good sign if your date makes you want to like that! ) so it’s always good to perfect your smile before the date.

HerSmile online dating meets personal matchmaking

It’s important to remember to smile in a way you feel comfortable.

If you opt for this then try not to smile too wide and use your eyes to emphasise the smile instead.

Straight Teeth amp Dating Improve Your Smile Invisalign

If you’re comfortable with having your teeth on show then flash them a little when you smile at your date, remember, no Cheshire Cat!

The more naturally you smile, the nicer it looks and if you’re comfortable then it will open you up to your date and show them that you’re approachable and easy to talk to.

Give your smiling a trial run in the mirror before the date and even ask friends and family for opinions to get a second opinion.

The main point to remember is to have a light smile on your face at all times, looking miserable will do neither of you any favours!

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