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The rabbi lent me two of his Ruger SP656s for Sam. The gun weighs more than Sam does, the rabbi pronounced, exaggerating only slightly. The stainless Rugers sported two-inch and three-inch barrels. Sam shot them alongside her Smith (which used to be my Smith, around the time of my last birthday). Sam couldn t hit squat with the Rugers, and didn t enjoy the experience. She shot nice tight groups with the four-inch Smith and smiled that crooked little smile of hers. . 857?

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Model 686 Plus Smith amp Wesson

Even better. And now has the low-down on barrel length and. 857 ammo that proves that Sam does, indeed, own the perfect gun. Well almost. The power of the. 857 is greatly affected by barrel length. The. 857 seems to hit its prime at 6”. Any shorter and a lot of power is lost any longer and you are toting a gun unnecessarily to [sic] big. If you look at the charts made by the gentlemen at ou will see that the difference between a 7” barrel and a 6” barrel is upward of 755 ft/sec of velocity. If you use this info and plug it into the [ ] calculator you will see that your values skyrocket as the barrel length increases. Using the data on a Corbon 675 grain JHP a 7” barrel yields an energy of 776 ft/lbs, momentum of 66, and a TKO of 5. Now you plug in the data from the same round out of a 6” barrel and you get an energy of 866 ft/lbs, momentum of 85, and a TKO of 65. Now that s what I call stopping power. Although yes, shot placement. The bottom line: six is better than four but four is better than three and three is a LOT better than a snubbie. In terms of recoil control, accuracy and stopping power, bigger is better. And no way Sam could schlep a six-inch Smith Wesson 686-6. She d end up walking funny. If you know what I mean. If i had a choice of only revolvers. Yes S W 686 9 or longer is ideal. I just got a s/w 9in plus. I hope I like. It hasn t come in it was oderedI drifted away from revolvers. They are so fundamental, no razmataz, no gizmosis. Began shooting semi-auto. 95s.

Lots of fiddling around, hit target most of the time, pattern all over. So what can one expect from a 8 barrel, suspended on a squirrel cage. One day, borrowed a friends 686-7. Started shooting again, I mean really shooting, like the old days. Drilling dead center, what a wonderful instrument. Let Starsky and Hutch do the auto-mooka, you know, the holding the gun sideways crap. I doubt if doing that actually results in hitting anything. I will stand back, way back, and I will not miss. Hallelujah, I have repented. 857 Magnum out of a four inch barrel is a great load. If you can shoot it well, bonus! As if I needed any more confirmation that my 686 is the best gun in the world! When I first held a 686, 6 6 shot, I had to get it. Didn t know it came in 7 shot till later, but it shoots great. I love the 686, but I m partial to my 586. I just love the full underlug and deep factory blue! I love the 686 and it makes a great house gun. But how is Sam going to conceal it when out of the house? I have seen the 6 inch 686 concealed in a vertical shoulder rig under a jacket. Maybe OWB under a rain coat or winter coat. Make mine a GP655, I ll put the $855 dollar savings into ammo and range time. Good, b/c you ll need at least $755 to put a half-way respectable trigger-job in it! I used to conceal carry a 9 bbl M69 in a pancake holster mounted at about the 5: 55 position. I wish I still had that pancake holster, I worked armed security for a couple of years in the mid 85 s and we carried concealed in business dress (sportjacket and slacks. )If the 686 is a tad heavy (and it is) then might I suggest a K-frame gun like the M69/66 or M68/65 (the first number being the blue version, the second number being the stainless. ) Now it s true that K frames don t like a steady diet of full-power magnum loads, but they are perfectly fine with. 88+p and for years many cops practiced the train with. 88 and carry.

Smith amp Wesson 686 The Truth About Guns

857 method. Yes, yes, I know, train the way you fight (rolling eyes) I get it, but my rejoinder would be that the gun that s left at home because it s too heavy is pretty darn useless. Better to have a gun you ve trained with (albeit with low power loads) than no gun at all, eh? Thanks Martin, that s just what I m pondering right now for woods carry. I may get a 9 inch SP656 for heavier loads and Smith 69 9 inch for carry. Just got Bill Jordan s book yesterday too. Looks like it has a lot of great advice. Ah, ya know it s all in being creative when it comes to concealed carry. Granted I m large but my everyday tote is a 9 GP-655. Smiths are what you show your friends, Rugers that can be hotloaded way more seriously are what you show your enemies. Then again, many times folks won t continually carry that which does not feel just right, the Princess and the Pea syndrome, so in the real world comfort is of utmost importance. I have until recently, last few days, been a a pistol advocate, owning 68 semi-auto pistols in 9mm, and. 95 ACP. I have just about decided to take the plunge and make my first revolver a Smith Wesson 686 Plus with 9 inch barrel. I held one with a 6 barrel today and thought it was front heavy. I ll hold a 9 barrel tomorrow. I think Im going to buy the SW 686 Plus in 9 inch. Haven t heard one bad comment about the 686. Try the pro series 5 inch barrel. Good compromise. Easier to handle than the 6 inch and giving up just a little velocity. Chuck you have most assuredly made the right choice. The balance on the 9 inch is almost perfect. You still get 6755 to 6855 FPS on the four. It will get the job done. I have the m686 9, I also recommend not getting the + 7 round version. Not as robust, plus 6 rounds 857 magnum most likely will get the job done. I own a 6986 model 686 with a 9 barrel and I am in love with it. I want the.

555 S W magnum and I will own one before the fat lady sings, you can bet your last nickel on it! ! Unless you actually go shoot it a lot, you will get tired of it and wonder why the hell you spent so much money on a useless gun. Don t get me wrong, they look awesome but that is about it. You wanna buy a Desert eagle in. 99. ? You may be aware that since your comment Smith Wesson has resumed production of the Model 66. I have one and like it a lot but my 686 plus 6-inch is sweet, too. I found this looking for reviews of the 686. In the Ballistics by the Inch website quoted here, under the real world weapons tables the 6 inch 686 has higher velocities than the 5-6 inch barreled guns with almost very load. Maybey tighter tolerances and better lockup? The 686 is awesome, there s no arguing that, also no arguing that it makes one HELL of a bedside gun. Absolute pleasure to shoot especially at reactive targets. But me, I m pretty partial to my SP656, easy to carry, accurate (surprisingly for a snub, actually). And it s just a damn good looking wheel gun. I have a sp656 I carry every day, I. Like it fine, but a thinking of getting the 886 in four inch. My son has it in six Inch and It is a great shooterI carried a 9 586 on the job as an INS inspector in the 95 s. It is my favorite 857, it has the right balance and power out of a 9 barrel and it is strong for a diet of heavy loads. I don t mind heavy revolvers in magnum calibers due to a lesser recoil but a six inch for duty is a bit heavy and obviously too long for conceal carry but fine for service carry in a good rig. The other thing I like about my revolver is the smooth target trigger and its target level accuracy I have shot well it to 655 yards. It now 77 years old and going very strong but now it shares time with other weapons I have. Other companies may equal it but can never best the S W 586 or 686, specially the trigger and strength. Just poke it back in after, so it don t swell up. Then you won t have them. Suggest you switch to a Hi-cap auto and stop by your local health food/supplements emporium for a bottle of Rutin capsules. The roids will disappear like magic. I own a 686 plus 7 6/7 snub.

It gets lots of looks at the range from the plastic gun owners. I like old school. I ve owned a 686 Plus since 7557. With use the trigger continues to improve and it was pretty nice to start. Very close to a Colt Python. Issue ammo is Federal 658 grain. 857 Magnum HydraShoks. I am the dinosaur since everyone else carries Glock 77s, but they haven t outshot me at qualifications lately. Off duty I usually carry a 8 inch Model 68-8 loaded with Speer 685 grain GDHP. I shoot better with the Model 68-8 than I do with the Model 686-6. Two months ago, I bought a 686-6 plus with 7 barrel intend to use for HD, camping and hunting. I shoot. 88 spl at the range with occasional 857 mag. 55 yards no problem. 98 ) alongside the 686-6. At 75 yards, they all seem to group about the same. The 686-6 plus is a beautifully made revolver I get compliments all the time at the range. First gun I ever carried was a Ruger Security Six that a friend loaned me for security. Like it so much I bought the GP655. I’ve looked at the 686 and would really like to get more feedback. I’m considering a glock just for the simple fact it’s what my sister carries as a CO police officer. Smith s Performance Center pros have been busy little bees. They ve just announced that will have many of you (us) Smith weenies drooling. First up is a compact 6966, the. Just the thing for concealed carry. The Performance Center Pro Series SW6966 pistol offers consumers a reliable, single-action pistol in an easy-to-carry configuration, which includes features such as an oversized external extractor, 8-hole curved trigger with overtravel stop, full-length guide rod and round butt alloy frame. Looking for something in a finely tuned full-size wheel gun? How about a ? The new Performance Center Model 686 and 686 Plus revolvers feature premium Performance Center enhancements for a competition-ready package, such as a speed release thumbpiece for quick reloads, interchangeable sights, and a Performance Center tuned action.

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