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Dating anxiety is commonplace as everyone wishes to present well and make a good impression. However, some people experience a debilitating degree of fear to the point that they have a dating phobia. They cannot function effectively on a date, avoid  the scenario altogether or will resort to drugs and/or alcohol to calm their nerves. Dating anxiety can be a form of social phobia. People can have a fear of being negatively judged or evaluated on a date and worry that they will do something to embarass or humiliate themselves. Some peoples fear of dating may be so intense that they have a panic attack before, during or even after the event. Some people may be worrying for days or even weeks before their social encounter. Some sufferers of dating anxiety may find they are unable to sleep for worrying about how the day will pan out.

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Dating anxiety may result in diarrhoea, nausea and in extreme cases vomiting. Clinical Psychologist, Catherine Madigan, has worked with many people who suffer from dating anxiety. Catherine has found that (although men are still generally expected to initiate dates and project confidence with women and therefore are more likely to seek treatment ) changing social mores mean that women are now taking more initiative re asking men out and consequently more women are now seeking help. Catherine believes that dating anxiety is a contributing factor to the dangerous practice of drink driving. Many people are so anxious about interacting with other singles at bars, nightclubs and parties that they resort to drinking alcohol (with the aim of boosting their confidence) before they leave home and/or drink too much when they get to the venue.

Many people who are anxious about dating may try dating websites as a means of making the initial contact with prospective partners, however, the shy and/or anxious person still has to interact face to face eventually. Speed dating is another option which may appeal to some people with dating anxiety inso far as at least it is a structured activity where everyone is present with the same aim. This may be perceived as less threatening than approaching someone at a bar (as at least one knows they are single, are at the event to meet people, etc). Speed dating companies organise different events targetted at particular age and interest groups and you can get the opportunity to meet 65-65 people in a series of 5 minute mini dates in a one evening. These events usually provide complementary champagne prior to the speed dating starting so although ideally one should not self medicate one s anxiety with alcohol, it is an option in this environment.

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Once you have attended a few speed dating events, your confidence should grow. The secret to success is not to expect to meet your life partner at your first or subsequent events. Keep the conversation light. Don t ask how many children they want, do they want to get married,  or you will scare your date off. These events are run very regularly so there is opportunity to obtain repeated, massed practice in this social scenario.

Stylists offer services such as wardrobe edits they will go through your wardrobe and advise on what garments are outdated and/or unflattering. Stylists may also offer their services as personal shoppers and guide you to appropriate purchases. Stylists will analyse your body type and teach you how to enhance your assets and play down your figure flaws. They can also advise on colors which enhance your looks. If you cannot afford to hire a stylist, there are many resources available on the internet which advise people on what not to wear.

There are also books available on how to dress stylishly. Women may also find it helpful to consult a makeup artist to learn how to  choose makeup which best suits them and how to apply it appropriately. The products that suited you ten years ago may no longer be appropriate. If you are experiencing significant  fear you may need professional assistance to overcome your problem. Individual sessions and/or group therapy may be helpful.

Group therapy would give you the opportunity to practice being on a date and get some supportive, constructive feedback on your body language, conversation etc. Video feedback can also be provided. Com. Au

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