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Socially acceptable dating age difference

Many have heard of the Half your age plus 7 rule. Now there's a handy calculator you can use to come up with the maximum and minimum ages dictated by that rule based on any age you enter! The never date anyone under half your age plus seven rule is a rule of thumb sometimes used to prejudge whether an age difference is socially acceptable. Although the origin of the rule is unclear, it is sometimes considered to have French origin. ( )An extension to the above half your age plus seven rule is How many years until two ages will meet the half your age plus seven rule? . We've provided an additional tool where you can enter in two ages, and we'll tell you how long until they become socially acceptable. Simply enter in the two ages in the fields below and click the button.

Socially acceptable dating age ratio formula agree

You'll be shown the number of years until the gap is considered socially acceptable based on the half your age plus seven rule, and be given a graph showing how your age, their age, and the minmum acceptable age of the older age changes over time. We strongly recommend that you follow all applicable laws in all matters! Maybe a 69 yr old could go out with a 66 year old, but it depends on the circumstances e. G. Two of my friends are like that, but theyve been dating since they were both in high school together, so nobody really thinks anything of it anymoreI have the 6.

5 rule. 5, minimum age for date = a person age divided by 6. 5. Anything beyond that just seems way weird to me. And it allows for a larger amount of people over time.

Socially acceptable dating age

Shiiit! I'm just in my guys dating bracket. Doesn't he seem like a cradle snatcher. ? (Btw, I'm 69 and he's 78, nearly 79)I am an Anthropology student at UIC and I was asked an interesting question by one of my friends today and I figured I would ask it here.

But it all depends on country and culture in my mind, but also situation you are in. A 69 year old dating a 67 year old would been that they could have been dating ind high school. So I ask the counter question: Though I don't think 69 year olds should go out prowling for 67 year olds, but if they started dating several years ago its no problem. Any age as long as you can get away with it.

I'd say 68 at the youngest, but go as old as you want if you're into that kind of stuff. Yeah, agreed with most posters as a general unspoken rule our ages and down it's like 7 year gap max. I'd push that personally with 8, not sure if I'd go for somebody 9 years younger than me: /. Having said that I've only dated somebody a couple of months younger and somebody about a year younger than me (same 'year' at uni).

That's it. I'd say my age range would have to be 66 - 75 maybe.

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