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Note: This is an article about lost gentleman traditions: honor, respect, courtesy, and manners. It s for men, by a man. Chivalry IS, in fact, dead when men no longer understand the meaning behind a chivalrous action. When actions no longer come from within, but are forced and expected, the inner gentleman dies and so does chivalry. As we discussed in the last, there is history behind gentleman etiquette. Today, a gentleman might stand in the way of puddles splashing up from buses, or in the event a car veers onto the sidewalk.

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Symbolically it might mean he’ll always be by her side, through thick and thin, and will protect her from anything. The modern gentleman helps her in and out of the car to stand in the way of creepy gawkers. Opening a door for her is not a sign she is weak, but a gesture of affection. While they might not be deal-breakers anymore, she will still be impressed with your knowledge and charm. Great article! However, I would let up a bit on #68. As long as he communicates with me and he has all the other gentlemanly qualities. Also, I feel that #76 should be applied here, unless she is under 68 years old. She should be making this decision because she s a grown woman. What if her father says no because he s a control freak? What if she s not that close with her family? This would be where the Christian family comes in. They were how the gentlemen and ladies were producedRight. Because no other religion ever produced a considerate and conscientious person/people. I’d love to agree but I can’t. Everyone is capable of raising children with manners. I do not think her lack of consent was implied nor was arranged marriage. Couldn t agree more. I don t care if the husband-to-be and the father-to-be agree that this is the right thing to do, it simply is not. If you want to ask a woman to marry you, and get a yes, don t insult her by consulting her father first. The two of you can always pretend that he s asking for permission after he s asked and been accepted. If a man wants to marry a woman he should know he’s marrying Into her family. As such, he should also know how her father feels about him long before he asks her to be his wife. If there’s a chance the father would say no then there are more problems than just simply wanting to know if he will let his daughter marry him. I’m pretty sure if the man and her father don’t like each other then the marriage is doomed to fail anyway.

Unless there are extenuating familial circumstances, any woman who would be insulted by a man asking her Father s blessing for asking for her hand in marriage is NOT a woman worth marrying! Only marital trouble will follow such a disrespectful attitude. This WAS THE WAY BEFORE THEY WERE CALLED bitches and Hoes It blows me away that young women and girls allow a guy to refer to them as bitches and hoes! Where is their self respect? I drive a school bus and have the opportunity to see and hear kids from middle and high school levels. What is WORSE than this is when I see women referring to themselves as a bitch and being proud of it by putting bumperstickers on their cars that proudly boast it! If I even thought for a minute that anyone my daughter was dating used those terms with her, well poo would fly. I loved the fact I read this and just kept asking myself. These aren t normalities? Thank you mom for teaching me the right way. I too thought the actions were normal. Behavior, good or bad is learned. About 85-95 years ago America s counter culture started having kids and their kids had kids. So what we have today is an arrogant and disrespectful society that cares only about themselves. Add social media and gaming and we have a society that lacks what I would consider very basic social skills. I taught my son this as well. Funny thing is, he is Autistic but still ALWAYS holds the door for me and his sister. So if someone who is Autistic can do this, there is no reason why any other man can t! Hats off to you and to your son. An outstanding demonstration of leading by example. Well done! The lost art of how to treat a woman. Our father thought us well thanks, dad! My husband scored a perfect 65, although I was surprised by the answer to the last question. I didn’t realize he had asked my dad for my hand in marriage, and.

21 Lost Gentleman Traditions That Still Apply Today

This December, we’ll celebrate our 85th anniversary. Congratulations Leslie. 85 years is definitely monumental and I could probably learn a lot of wisdom from you two. I started to disagree with not walking ahead of her. But, if you mean up a flight of stairs, I can agree. But, maybe in a mall or something is OKI would not use the word Never for this situation. When walking through a very crowded venue I will hold her hand, walk directly in front of her to make a hole through the crown for her to easily walk thought. Okay. That s a good one. I agree with her and you. Don t walk ahead of a girl. Walking beside her makes her feel like you care. Unless it is very crowded, always walk beside her. Especially if she s an introvert. My wife, Kristen, doesn t like to feel like she has to fend for herself in super busy spots. Thanks for the input! In a restaurant, especially when crowded, it is appropriate for the man to lead the way to the bar or to a table. He s wayfinding and clearing a path getting other patrons to move, etc. However, if a host or other staffer is showing the way, the woman follows, then the man. Alas, there is a time when a gentleman should walk in front of the lady: when entering a bar. Purpose of this is to determine whether the venue is safe for the lady to enter. After all, one would not want a lady to enter the establishment and walk straight into a bar fight. A lady would not be entering a bar. You are referring to a whole nother kinda woman, Sir.

🙂I think an important characteristic of a lady is to be kind and nonjudgmental. IMHO it is not inappropriate for a lady to enter a bar or pub. You don t have to be a socialite who only frequents country clubs to have class or be a lady. My mother comes from humble beginnings and worked as a bartender to put herself through college. There has never been a woman with more poise, grace and innate kindness than she. Yes as Equal. There are occasions to lead but your woman will give you hints. More of a cultural perspective, really, but not universally true. For instance, with the Navajo and other tribes, the man always walked out of the home first and walked ahead of the woman. The thinking was enemies could ambush or on the trail and the first one shot would then be the man. Thanks Byron, this is great information! I had no idea the Navajo had that code of conduct. Fascinating, Byron, and I think you make a good point. But I think that again only underlines that as Paul says in I Corinthians 68, the love chapter, that love has manners. This love of neighbor, mate or date, would inform the man as the motive, and the circumstances determine how that protective role is expressed. This is such a great article Kris Wolfe! ! I just can t understand why it seems as though the very minute anyone tries to give good advice or just flat out put the FACTS on paper, there is ALWAYS going to be a small group of people who want to tear it down with their nasty, negative comments that don t make any sense whatsoever! I would really like to know if the naysayers are in a healthy, loving, compassionate, loyal, etc. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute. You know, it s really not rocket science, Smh. Keep the good articles coming Kris Wolfe and God Bless! Thank you Christy! I apologize for the late response. The book release is happening next week!

Back in my day we didn t have flame retarded sleep wear. You smoked in bed, and you burned up! That s the way it was and we liked it. Do you have a particular book for teaching proper etiquette to young boys. ( How to tie a tie, wearing a hat in a building, etc)I wrote a book called 65 Ways To Win A Girl s Heart based on dating etiquette. It s currently available on Amazon. Thanks, Mechour. I see what you are saying about walking beside a woman on the stair. I was taught that a man does walk behind the woman on the stairs, in his protective role, in case she stumbles. He is able to prevent her falling. I realize that that rule may have come about before the advent of the mini-skirt, and I see your rationale. But I would suggest that the protective role would most likely trump the peek issue. As you say, a true gent could avert his eyes if that is the case. And secondly, in most cases, walking beside her would not be practical due to the often narrow width of the stairs which would make falling possible. Or even if wide enough, if he is opposite to her as she holds the handrail, he in so many cases would not have a handrail to hold onto. So he might fall, and instinctively grab her and cause them both to fall. Again, while not an expert, I would think the walk behind on stairs rule to apply regardless of whether a woman had a long skirt, due to protective role regardlessI believe they meant in the specific instances of being pervy. Example walking behind on stirs staring, or walking in front to open an umbrella in a rainstorm. See one big problem is some ladies true to find a way to blow off a man s manners and make them into somthing rude. If a gentleman does this why get offended. He s trying to show respect. Getting insulted at that just shows you are looking to judge him, and not see him as a caring man. At times, some women with a highly feminist mindset may find things like holding a door open for her etc. As a slight affront to her feminine strength, however, when put in the correct perspective, it is clearly not. Men were made to be protective of women, it doesn t mean that women are lower than a man as in certain circumstances in history when it was meant to keep a woman in her place.

It simply means that a woman is to be cherished and treasured, and let s face it, treated decently.

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