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I ve been to a few speed dating events and singles mixers with this company and it has always been well organized and fun. Although I haven t found my match yet, going to these events forces me to put myself out there and socialize with different people that I would normally never meet. I ve made a few friends, both male and female, whom I still hang out on a regular basis. The dating scene in NYC can be really tough and online dating just doesn t work. I highly recommend giving speed dating a try, trust me, it s much more fun meeting people in real life than online. I suggest you go alone though so you don t just stick with your friends and miss the chance to make connections. I asked, and many others have asked, to be removed from the list. This has been ongoing for 5 days and still many of us are asking / demanding to be removed.

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As of today we are not TOTALLY irresponsible organization. DO NOT get involvedI have gone to quite a few OnSpeedDating events, and have found each of them to be interesting, exciting and fun. There are a plethora of speed dating events, Rescue Me firefighters singles parties and more. All the hosts are wonderful and friendly. The speed dating events have unique and creative themes such as Beauty and the Geek, Asian Persuasion. I always have a good time, even if I don t get matched up. The singles parties are great because they always start with a icebreaker so it becomes very easy to meet new people. I would definitely recommend trying out one of the OnSpeedDating events. You ll have a blast! If i didnt already meet someone at the event i would definitely do it again. It was so efficient and fun, it would have cost me a fortune to date 65 women and the ability to meet so many in one evening was really helpful. I dont have time to go out often so onspeeddating was perfect for me. The bar was a little noisy but getting to meet so many charming ladies in one night was well worth it I m amazed at the quality of single ladies i got to meet. I had the absolute best time speed dating for the 6st time! 65 -8 minute dates in one night. Although the even started 85 minutes late, this was not the organization s fault. They inform you to come in 65 mins. Early to register. You most likely will not meet the love of your life the 6st time. Very lucky if you do. But I did not regret going since I ve met a bunch of very interesting people. Their themes are like no other and also pretty hilarious. This is a really good experience and to me, better than online dating because at least you don t get catfished! !

Highly recommendedIn my experience, this organization runs exceptionally fun events and attracts a good crowd (smart, pleasant and attractive). I have been to their singles parties and also speed dating events. The themes are creative - sometimes to the point of mischief - which I admire. This is helpful as 8 minutes per person during speed-dating is not always adequate (although quite often it is! ). Note: Sometimes they advertise 8rd party events - events run by other singles groups - and these can be a little more hit or miss because they are not within direct control of Amber who runs this group. Amber always advises us as to whether any particular event is run by her group or a third party, and you can decide on that basis. There is a lot of cross-marketing these days among groups and overall I think it serves the audience well. These single events are always fun and interesting and at good bars and lounges throughout NYC. This is fun. You get to meet a lot of different people in short increments of time- which is just enough to feel if there is something there worth following up on. And there is no pressure to exchange information. That is done when you log back into the event s web page and have the opportunity to share or not share your contact info. Great alternative to online dating! If you have a specific type of partner in mind, they offer events that can guarantee those types of matches will attend. The events are well organized and executed. They give you a pencil and paper for notes, then you hop online afterward to set the preferences you liked. Modern-day speed dating! OnSpeedDating is the best speed dating service i ve found in NYC so far. They have really cool events like speed date NY fireman, NY laywers and former NY governors and only run $75. 55. The girls are actually attractive, wherein they actually walk upright without dragging their knuckles. The only thing is that it s rather difficult holding a speed dating event in Apt 5-K, and it s a walk-up.

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So by the time you walk up there, you are sweaty and hot. But seeing the people there, you will get even more sweaty and hot. Or should I say HAWT! ? Popped collars and Old Spice cologne galore! Good people, good drinks. Good times! Highly recommend to any single girl or guy in NYC! I actually met some quality people that were, get this. . Employed and not 5 7 rounding up to 6 5! Brought this deal cause of a friend. They did have some funny and interesting events for personal interest such as firemen, policemen, certain age groups and ethnic groups. I did the 75 something event which I actually enjoyed and met some interesting and decent looking guys who were ages 75-79. You will have a mix of people from New York, out of state and country working here permanently or temporary and of course you will meet some guys that are a bit weird. The only problem as with any speed dating event is that you have to talk in a short period of time so that gets tiring. If you do find someone you liked, I would suggest talking to them after the event is over as going on the site they give you is not always certain you will get to talk to them again. I did go on two dates, unfortunately they did not go well, but this was an interesting experience and I would recommend it! I highly recommend OnSpeedDating. While I have not found my dream man yet, I have had a lot of fun attending their events. They have a variety of different speed dating themed events (i. E. Hot or Not, Men with Accents are Hot). Also, do not be shy to go to these events alone.

Go to an OnSpeedDating event you will not regret it! I love that OnSpeed Dating has different themed singles events all over the city. From Skinny Minny to people who love to travel to ivy leaguers, there s something for everyone, and more importantly, someONE for everyone. Online dating is a crap shoot and who doesn t really prefer to meet someone in real life? With OnSpeed Dating, you do just that, which is what I love about it. And if one particular event doesn t produce a match, another one s always around the corner. At the very least, you ll have a fun night and/or a good story, so I definitely recommend OnSpeed Dating. Speed dating is designed to get you to meet a lot of people quickly. You still won t like most of the people you meet, but at each of the events I ve been to, I ve found at least one person worth getting to know, and to me, that s an hour well spent. OSD does a great job at producing creative events and making its customers happy. The events hosted by OnSpeedDating are great. The venues chosen allow the perfect atmosphere. What I like best is the wide variety in guys that have come to the events and the specialized events to pick and choose what matches your style best. I have gone a few times and have not had the same guys. In addition, the guys there seem to really want to be dating and do follow up. The hosts are great and add to the vibe of the experience. In addition, Amber who runs the program really does want the best for the individuals and you never get the feeling they are out for money but rather it actually help you find what could be the perfect match! Has the best dating events in the city. Period. Hands Down! Well organized, never waste your time, and simple ways to connect with people make it the best. I have met quality people at all the events and dated a few. I have not met a long term match yet, but it is only a matter of time! Plus, the diverse themes for each event really make it easy to meet specific people.

I have attended the Hot or Not and the 6 6 and over event and had a blast each time. Being 6 8 it is great meeting women who already think height is a turn on. Plus once you sign up, the people at Onspeeddating let you know about great singles events around the city. If you are looking for a great speed dating event, sign up now, you won t be disappointed! OnSpeedDating is a great speed dating service in NYC. Their events are fresh, diversely themed, extremely organized and well-run. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to meet great people. I was lucky to have met a long-term match. Still, whatever happens, you ll have a blast! Did my first event two weeks ago and had a blast! I never have luck meeting attractive guys out at bars. Did the Men With Accents Are Hot event and the guys were great. Still talking to a super cute Aussie guy named Andy! Highly recommend! With Spiritual Speed Dating, Maha Rose presents a twist on the popular “speed dating” method of quick encounters, bringing a  lot more love and presence to the life-changing moment of “meeting someone. ”The idea for the series came about with a lot of laughter. “What if we started writing ‘for singles’ on the bottom of events at Maha Rose? ” Haha! Laughs aside, the recurring questions “How do I fit my love life into my ‘spiritual life? ” gave us pause. We knew we were onto something. What happens at Spiritual Speed Dating? We start the evening off with a short meditation that helps us all ground down and get to the heart of things--our very nature of wanting to connect and know one another. A brief chakra chat or Tarot talk makes way for us to engage each other in conversation.

We keep the conversations going until everyone has had a chance to chat.

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