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Beautiful couple Theo and Justin breaks up after cheating on each other. Weeks later after getting an urge of having sex and not having a girl to call to Justin realizes he needs to get his beloved one back and is willing to do whatever it takes. Theo sets a test for him which would allow her to expose him in front of her horny girlfriends he hasn t met before and jerk him off for them till he cums. Justin has no other option, besides he hasn t had sex for weeks now, so he reluctantly agrees. Six girls sits themselves on the couch and prepare for the show. Theo starts to undress her boyfriends to the cheers of the female crowd. Not used to such huge attention he can t concentrate enough to get an erection, which makes girls burst into laughs. But soon warm hands of his girlfriend do their job and get him hard.

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In the next few minutes Theo strokes him to an explosive orgasm under encouragement of her friends In this gallery three girlfriends Theo, Mia and Helen were having a chat at the kitchen one evening when they get rudely interrupted by Theo s boyfriend Shawn who drops in uninvited with his friend Michael. The girls are furious at first but then, after realizing that they may as well have fun for themselves with both guys, they come out with a plan. Being dominated by a horny female is something every man looks forward to experience at least once in their lifetime. Those sexy babes on femdom dating sites are ready to take charge of your body and mind. They will do all sorts of things to make you feel helpless and embarrassed about yourself.

Female domination will leave you at the mercy of super horny dominatrix like that. These days more and more people go on femdom dates to satisfy their cravings for domination and humiliation. This out of the world experience of getting dominatied by a powerful lady has never been so attainable before. Employee Peter is staring his first work day at when he gets called by his new boss Renee into her office. He walks in to see her giving a good spank to one of the salesgirls he met earlier for mistakes in contract which makes him laugh.

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However, Renee is furious he finds mistakes funny and before Peter knows it he is the one who gets bent over the desk and spanked. All three go at it until Peter s ass flashes red! The women then are eager to see what he is packing in front as they turn him around and checks his package. They like what they see and enjoy playing with their new office toy, Jools even lifts her skirt up again to give him some encouragement and get even harder erection. With three women stroking his cock it doesn t take Peter long to reach a huge orgasm all over the office desk.

Female boss Renee is satisfied with his performance and lets him stay for now Two new employees Kate and Sarah are called into manager Neil s office for breaching company s dress code policy in the first day at work. Neil gives girls a manual and asks them both to read it loud so they could remember the rules. But to his amusement the girls start to read between the lines where it says that they should give him a handjob. Surprised by this turn of events Neil doesn t hesitate to take an advantage of it as he takes his clothes off and let the girls to perform their duties. The three soon get walked on by a supervisor Emma Stacey is teaching class in male anatomy when she gets called away to Superior s office.

The naughty schoolgirls are left by themselves to study diagrams of male penises when Jody appears with a package of frogs for biology class which they will have later. The girls have an idea of their own, though. They pull him into the middle of the room and start to undo his clothes asking if they can see his penis? All five decide to take turns in jerking him off while Tammi is curious to see what will happen when she reveal her beautiful breasts. The answer comes soon enough as cums Jody all over the desk Mature ladies from Jan and Wendy are having coffee when Wendy s son Nicks joins them.

Jan is impressed at what a handsome guy he turned out into after not seeing him for many years. Wendy leaves and two of them stay alone, as Jan accidentally spills her drink on his pants.

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