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Matt Forney is an American author, journalist and radio host based in Europe. He blogs at and is also on,,, and. He is the author of and many other books, available. Matt s work has also been featured at,, Right On, and other sites. As ROK readers already know,,. While I was in the country, I saw countless little kids who were packing enough pounds to give American brats a run for their money. Girls in Manila are more promiscuous, have bigger egos and are more difficult to impress than Davao girls, half of whom will fall in love with you after just a few bangs. Don t get me wrong:

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I didn t have to use in order to nail Manila girls, but the difference was still notable. While the sluttiest girl in Manila is still more nurturing and feminine than the average American girl, things are only going to get worse from here on out. Australians are to Southeast Asia what Brits are to Eastern Europe: boorish, classless jerks who drink too much and make asses of themselves. Wherever Aussies go, they leave devastation in their wake, pissing off the locals and making all whites look bad by proxy. Even Australian women are horrifying: they re overweight, have nasty attitudes and brim with a creepy sexual desperation. For years, the Australians have been content to embarrass themselves in Thailand or Bali, but. I fully expect the streets of Manila to be full of convulsing Ozzies bathing in their own vomit in five years. Now China is flexing its muscles,. To be on the safe side, you ll want to book your stay before the mushroom clouds start rising. Corazon Aquino was a stupid commie bitch who was only qualified to be President because she used to lay on her back with her legs spread for her martyred commie husband. If she hadn t kicked the US out of the naval base at Subic Bay all this crap with China wouldn t be happening. Meh, not my thing. I prefer East Asian or Vietnamese women. East Asian women have nice skin but they have flat mosquito tits and flat ass. Imagine an east asian women with nice skin (default) but have latina/thick white girl booty, tits and nice round ass.

That would be rare. Where does one find the more attractive and conservative Asians? Cambodia, Viet nam, and Taiwan all look decent from my computer screen. I prefer like Eastern Asian girls or Thai girls (at best when going SouthEast asian). Agreed. For me, Pinays are a hard sell, because although i like their personalities, they are so uneven in their bodies. It s a chores to find a truly sexy Pinay (if u like ass and an actual figure). Their faces and accents aren t all that appealing either, in my opinion. Can t even say that they really have great attitudes. I m trying but it would look odd for Michelle Yeoh with Sofia Vergara s rack. I suspect there may be some Photoshop around the mid-section, but I ve experienced SEA country chicks as extreme as this in person. So it may not be. And women such as this are by local standards, undesirable so as a Westerner, we kill with these women. And many are so thankful to find that you genuinely are attracted to them. Must not have been to Vietnam, Cambodia, or even southern regions of Thailand. I was blown away by the curvy full-assed, olive goddesses I witnessed around Pattaya and in the southern Thai region. Heck even some of the Thai exports we had in the bars in Korea were eye openers.

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Didn t know Asian woman came in curvy, yet slim sexpot shapes, till I witnessed those Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese darlings. Had me buying tickets within days after talking to them. And I was not disappointed. Yup you never know what you get until you go to certain places. Some girls are well fed and have some good genetics. I think it s easy for girls to maintain that sexy body as long as they don t stuff their face 79/7. Do you not see the irony or perhaps double standards in telling every young western man to go over there and plow into every pussy. Can you people not see that you ve actually flushed the Catholic indigenous culture of this country down the swanie while selling it as a sex and drugs paradise to every moronic loud mouthed Australian back packer, who wants to chill out on the dream. Dude, if you want to keep this country the place it once was, then you should try to dissuade as many young male sex tourists away from its shores. Very well put brother. Even if some virile young men wants to visit a conservative and religious country for the sake of its feminine women, make sure you wife up the good ladies and adopt their culture. Don t go there with a express intention of perverting the good girls over there. We don t want them to become degenerate as Anglo whores. We don t want them to become degenerate as Anglo whores Well said. If you treat women like whores then they ll become whores and it s not their fault, it s our fault as men that we ve allowed this to happen. As said before, a women s being and personality is molded by a man, if he s a jerk who s obsessed with his own dick count with every women, well then such men have a lot to answer for creating the unhinged freaks and sluts that they re ironically or better, hypocritically always sanctimoniously droning on about, while simultaneously lecturing every guy about game. You can t have it both ways, eventually even the proverbial ball of string has an end point!

Even if we treat third world women with kindness, their girls will ultimately turn into bitches at some point as their country improves living standard. When a women feel no need to cook for a man, care for a man s kids and do other homely women activities, they will feel bored and want fling with other men. I noticed all the innocent looking girls (who I thought was good homely girls) have some serious history of sex with other men all while acting and trying to present their cute innocent look. Hence the AWALT. Yes, there s a good degree of truth in what you say, but, I ve found nevertheless that there are first world countries like Germany, and the majority of South American ones where the women always keep a high degree of form and don t go down the slut feast route. In South American where I lived for sometime, I think this has something to do with the high value that s placed on the family unit and children by their societies and women in these countries have never been made feel that this is unnatural by feminists etc. The Catholic Church and the traditional role of the strong masculine man of the house who works for his family are also still powerful social realities in countries like Chile and Argentina. In Germany, likewise the women still keep their feminine form, even the way they dress is quite conservative, in a nice way. Other women, like English women can be such drunken, boorish sluts that it s hard to equate such hard edged coarseness with any historically known type of female. It s a very sad sight to walk around the streets of any large English city like Manchester, York or Bristol on a Friday night and see such feminine degeneracy. Females without form or even worse than their male equivalents. That s interesting you brought up Catholic Church, tradition here. I never thought of it that way. I wonder what would have happened if Catholic Church still had power in England. After all, England for the most part (Great Britain) influenced United States, Australia, parts of Canada, New Zealand and other Anglophone countries. Interesting historical thought experiment. For one the family unit would have been sacrosanct and the central role of women bringing up children.

The cult of the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church had a strong and positive influence on the desired conduct for women in Catholic countries, there s no equivalent positive female role model at all in the Protestant tradition which could explain the difference in the development of feminine form between both traditions. The CC did give women a central and very feminine role in Christianity which was not present in non Catholic countries after the reformation. Also, even the Nuns for example proved to be an excellent way of bringing up young girls with the best values, even nowadays, well off people will still send their daughters to covenant schools because they recognize this fact. Is that why childbirth is lower in Italy than anywhere else in the West? Idolizing Cath control is for those who know jack shit about what that organization did to Europe. Starting with the killings of other Christians such as the Arians, and throughout history, like the Cathars. The Cath church was just a Mafia for the top leaders to gain money and power. Princes across Europe had to find ways to counter them continuously. For example, when the Cath criminals sent raiders to terrorize the countryside in France, to extract money for the building of a cathedral, the local nobility had to pay mercenaries to protect the people. Your snarky response to other posters belies a poor and weak temperament my friend. I never used the word idolize in connection with the Catholic Church. The Cath crime organization stifled innovation all over Europe. The priests lied and told people that the plague was punishment for their sins and they had to gather in the churches and pray under priesthood control in order to get well. So people gathered, and that killed far more of them as they came in contact with the disease. Only when people ignored the priests and stayed home did the plague abate. Seeing this they understood that the priests were full of BS, that the priests didn t have any magic. That they were not in contact with God as they had claimed.

So people started thinking for themselves and opposed the church in various ways, and Europe could evolve. Without the Scientific and Industrial Revolution, I don t know where Europe would have been today without these.

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