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Matt Forney is an American author, journalist and radio host based in Europe. He blogs at and is also on,,, and. He is the author of and many other books, available. Matt s work has also been featured at,, Right On, and other sites. As ROK readers already know,,. While I was in the country, I saw countless little kids who were packing enough pounds to give American brats a run for their money. Girls in Manila are more promiscuous, have bigger egos and are more difficult to impress than Davao girls, half of whom will fall in love with you after just a few bangs. Don t get me wrong:

Hong Kong is one of the easiest places to get laid in the

I didn t have to use in order to nail Manila girls, but the difference was still notable. While the sluttiest girl in Manila is still more nurturing and feminine than the average American girl, things are only going to get worse from here on out. Australians are to Southeast Asia what Brits are to Eastern Europe: boorish, classless jerks who drink too much and make asses of themselves. Wherever Aussies go, they leave devastation in their wake, pissing off the locals and making all whites look bad by proxy.

Even Australian women are horrifying: they re overweight, have nasty attitudes and brim with a creepy sexual desperation. For years, the Australians have been content to embarrass themselves in Thailand or Bali, but. I fully expect the streets of Manila to be full of convulsing Ozzies bathing in their own vomit in five years. Now China is flexing its muscles,.

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To be on the safe side, you ll want to book your stay before the mushroom clouds start rising. Corazon Aquino was a stupid commie bitch who was only qualified to be President because she used to lay on her back with her legs spread for her martyred commie husband. If she hadn t kicked the US out of the naval base at Subic Bay all this crap with China wouldn t be happening. Meh, not my thing. I prefer East Asian or Vietnamese women.

East Asian women have nice skin but they have flat mosquito tits and flat ass. Imagine an east asian women with nice skin (default) but have latina/thick white girl booty, tits and nice round ass. That would be rare. Where does one find the more attractive and conservative Asians? Cambodia, Viet nam, and Taiwan all look decent from my computer screen.

I prefer like Eastern Asian girls or Thai girls (at best when going SouthEast asian). Agreed. For me, Pinays are a hard sell, because although i like their personalities, they are so uneven in their bodies. It s a chores to find a truly sexy Pinay (if u like ass and an actual figure). Their faces and accents aren t all that appealing either, in my opinion.

Can t even say that they really have great attitudes. I m trying but it would look odd for Michelle Yeoh with Sofia Vergara s rack.

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