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-I ve been into the dogging scene for just over 65 years now and can honestly say despite it being 65 years the thrill for me just gets better and better – it s never dull, boring or unexciting – in fact it gets better and better. I adore meeting my members, as well as horny lucky strangers who are in the right place at the right time. I ve travelled all over the country and checked out SO many dogging spots, hundreds in fact I simply LOVE it! 7567 is going to be NO different, many dogging tours will be planned, more members will be met and a humongous amount of spunk will be shed! Thousands of pictures and hundreds of raw action videos can be found inside the members area, so get yourself signed up and check out my diary as to where I’m going to be and when, get yourself and your hard spunk filled cock on the road and come and be drained by THE best dogging QUEEN in the UK! Look forward to meeting many of you and draining your balls over the coming year! Slutty dogging hot UK wife takes more strangers into her willing mouth and pussy. -Love nothing more than pulling into a dark dogging car park, checking out at a glance at all the cars parked around and hoping their full of horny hard dicked strangers all looking for a willing hole to off load into.

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Sitting in the car with my window down, knickers around my knees, skirt right up exposing my stocking tops and my shaven pussy – waiting for that brave hand to enter thru the window and cop a feel of what I have to offer. I love dogging! , I love fucking! – wanna come put your nice hard cock inside of me? UK cumslut creampie loving hotwife is back fucking her site members again. Met with a brand new member yesterday (Friday 67th Dec) who screwed the arse off me. Screwing me slowly to begin with, he started the pick up the pace until he was banging his mother fucking dick up me so hard I could barely catch my breath. He made me beg for his hot load, pleading with him to give me his man muck he finally gave me exactly what I wanted, a filled to the brim snatch full of sperm. Managed to get some cracking pics and video with the aid of my trusted selfie stick.

Out dogging last night at a well-known location in the Midlands, the rain held off just long enough for some good old fashioned dogging cumslut filthy fun. Sure LOVE sucking and fucking perfect strangers, draining all their swollen balls in my very unique special way! – The Rachel way! – the ONLY way! Dogging loving UK slut wife has been very slutty visiting a public gloryhole. Today I have spent the entire day enjoying the company of many men via a public gloryhole. Being at the gloryhole is SOOO addictive, I love hanging around, sitting and waiting for the next hard cock to come through the hole for me to pleasure – not knowing if it s going to be big or small, fat or thin, whether I m going to suck it of fuck it. I must of fucked and sucked a good 75 cocks today in the space of 6hrs or so, driving home with real wet soggy knickers, sperm trickling from me, throbbing quim and my throat slightly sore from lots of deep throat. I adore being a public gloryhole slut, sucking and fucking any cock that presents itself through the hole, laying there putting on a show for anyone willing to watch me pleasure myself, it s a real heart racing adrenaline buzz.

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I took some horny little teaser pics for you all to enjoy, however if you want to see the full days worth of fun then your just going to have to join my website. Satisfied another horny new member today, a nice young man, somewhat nervous to be in my presence as I m apparently quite sexually intimidating. But his nerves were soon dashed as soon as his lush young hard cock was deep in my mouth. His cock was so hard, pulsing with blood racing through his throbbing veins making his cock throb as it slid in and out of my hot mouth with ease. I SO couldn’t wait to get this young lads rock hard cock right inside my dirty hot snatch. He asked me to bend over the front seat of his car so he could pull down my panties and admire my huge round perfectly fuckable arse as he wanked his cock. Of course I was more than happy to oblige, kneeling there listening to him wank his cock is such a turn on, but there without warning he plunged his fuck tool right into my cunt hole with a perfect precise swift thrust. He had jerked himself to the edge and just plunged his shaft balls deep into my wet cunt to simply let his young sweet sperm flow. Filling me to the brim with his hot sticky sperm.

Makes me want more and more. Come on guys, come fuck me! You KNOW you want to! Filthy UK dogger hooks up and takes a creampie with another of her site members. Another REALLY horny meet this evening, have met this member a few times simply because I LOVE his dick and he fucks me so good, he makes me squeal out with real cunt pulsing pleasure! It was an off the cuff spontaneous meeting, he was gagging to get inside me – he pulled up to our meeting spot and within seconds had his hands all over me, kissing me and pulling at my clothes as he was simply gagging to stuff his hard fat shaft deep inside me. Oh my god he felt amazing, the feeling of his cock pumping away at my wet excited cunt, he was so horny and pent up it didn’t take him long to shoot his hot sticky sperm deep inside my snatch, he shot ream after ream of lush man goo inside me and I could feel every jet hitting my insides. Just spent a fabulous day with one of my new members out on the open sea in his speed boat for the afternoon. Fucking on a boat in the middle of the sea butt naked in the hot sunshine has been on my bucket list for a while and now I ve managed to scratch that off the list.

Taking me out on his boat, allowing me to steer and drive at high speed sure got my juices flowing and my pussy tingling with excitement. I waiting for him to take the helm, and without a word I pulled down his shorts to reveal his cock all ready for me to take into my mouth and make it come alive with my fabulous wet mouth. Mmmmm sucking on his cock while feeling the heat of the sun was so exciting, he peeled off my clothes – lay me down naked and proceeded to fuck the arse off of me, fucking me while the boat rocked in the waves just added more movement to our thrusts! Moving below deck into one of the double beds he continued to screw me senseless over and over. Well you know me, the riskier that naughtier the better, I couldn’t wait to do this! Arriving at his house, he met me at the door – led me inside and upstairs all in silence, I sat on the toilet lid and started sucking on his lush hard cock – his groans were so loud I thought he was gonna wake the wife! Bending me over the bath in my stockings, suspender and heels he couldn’t wait to get his married hot hard cock deep inside my lush wet tight cunt – he didn’t fuck me for long sadly as I m sure the risk and situation added to his horniness and he soon blew his fat wad deep inside my cunt – he was fucking me so good though, all while telling me shuuushhhh – I was struggling to hold my pleasure in as not to make a murmur. Once he had filled me and shot his load, he led me back down the stairs to the front door – kissed me goodbye, all without saying a word really. We managed to get some cracking pics using the timer on my camera, was a very horny and risky situation – would definitely love to repeat that!

Just came across this interview from BB on amazing interracial creampie hotwife. Nice to see Mandy talking about our Blog in it We love you Mandy You can check out the Interview I did with Mandy in 7566Welcome to hotwifeblog. Com a blog community about hot wives, swingers, affairs and cuckold husbands. THIS WEBLOG IS FOR ADULT 68+ DISCUSSION ONLY.

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