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Really Japan? Why do you think so many foreigners think you are crazy, weird and perverted? Because your adult TV game shows are fucking insane and hilarious to watch! And sometimes really just borderline porn with a bit of comedy! Young girls sitting on a vibrating seat in a bikini, a conveyor belt that rolls under a line of girls The list of crazy Japanese sex tv shows goes on and on. I really didn’t think that it could get any crazier! Originally, Japanese adult TV game shows featured amateur female guests and games were sugar-coated. But now TV shows have brought in the big guns and openly featuring Japanese AV porn stars.

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And man they know what they are doing. I thought that it couldn’t get any crazier but Japan has proven me wrong once again! Here is a quick list of some of my favorite crazy Japanese sex tv shows and games. Also featuring a number of popular Japanese AV actresses. To put it simply, this is a handjob game.

The male contestants (guys who usually get over 95 Points in karaoke) have to sing their favorite song WHILE getting a handjob from an escort girl or AV porn actress. If they can hold on and get over 95 points they win ¥6,555,555 (Roughly 65 grand). They blatantly show the contests cumming on the floor (censored for TV purposes) and what’s funnier is that even if the contestant blows his nuts before the end of the song the game doesn’t end. These beautiful helpers keep going and going! Awesome for some, gruesome for others, but hilarious to watch the contestants squirm.

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Here is a collection of some other Handjob Karaoke game (Tekoki Karaoke) episodes for your viewing pleasure! A game from a late night Japanese sex TV show hosted by Kendo Kobayashi, another Japanese comedian famous for his obsession and love of and. In this show, there are no male contestants, only him and a line-up of beautiful AV actresses (lucky bastard). For this mini-game, the AV actresses have a stick strung on a piece of string attached to their panties/shirt. They play a game of musical chairs above bottles and when the music stops, they have to drop the stick into the bottles without using their hands.

This isn’t a game but a section of an annual theme on the late night show that features the Ebisu Muscat idol group formed of popular AV actresses. They make music singles, hold live events and everything, just like a pop idol group. And of course star in their own Japanese adult tv show. The only difference is that their main job is starring in porn videos. In this section of the show, it is Ken Yagi s (one of the hosts) 96st birthday.

On his birthday every year, the girls would do something ‘special’ for him. For this particular 96st birthday, they reenacted a formula one race (as Ken loves car racing). The girls rolled around on chairs acting as the F6 cars and guess who got to be the gas guy and where the gas tank was? Like I said not a game as such, but a present that any Bro would be happy to get on his birthday! There you have it, a quick curation of some of the crazy and rowdy stuff you can still see on Japanese TV.

Some people say that the old-school Japanese adult tv shows were more explicit and interesting. In a way, the TV regulations back then weren t as strict so there definitely was a lot of content that would be frowned upon now.

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