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Despite a crackdown on terrible advertising for National Broadband Network speeds three months ago by the regulator, there are still service providers who have yet to improve their marketing, consumer advocates warn. In August, the competition watchdog asked retailers to fix   with an aim to stop public confusion due to the practice of marketing maximum internet speeds achievable in off-peak hours. Politicians from both sides are pointing fingers the other way, over who is to blame for the problem plagued NBN. Father Tick Everett used Facebook to describe his grief, saying his beloved daughter felt she had no other option. Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton announces a new taskforce to target African gang crime in Melbourne. A new study led by The Australian National University has found a strong link between a rapidly cooling climate and the decline of Australia’s marsupial tigers, triggering the rise of the Tasmanian Devil and its relatives. Tuesday January 9 is the first day same-sex marriages can legally take place in Australia, without a waiver. Glasgow Commonwealth Games sprinter Craig Burns has wasted no time, marrying his partner Luke Sullivan just minutes after midnight.

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A look back on The Age cartoonist Rod Tandberg from 7566, when he reflected on Peter Costello. As temperatures climbed past 95 degrees in much of the state last weekend, thousands of homes in Melbourne were left without power. These optional guidelines have already seen some retailers pick up their act,  Australian Communication Consumer Action Network senior policy adviser Rachel Thomas said. But we are still waiting for a number of providers to make progress,  Ms Thomas said. Having a choice of speed is a new thing.

You need to know how many devices, how fast you want, the average speed, the peak speed. this can translate into the speed you end up getting in many different ways, she said. It's important consumers are aware there is one speed during peak hours and a maximum speed. Telstra was one of the most advanced in updating their marketing, she said, by including the type of peak hour speed and maximums that can be achieved. Action was recently taken under Australian Consumer Law against Telstra, with  earlier this month for slow NBN speeds.

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These refunds were to a group of customers who were sold services where their NBN line was not capable of delivering the chosen speed tier. The actual speed tiers remain the same, however we have changed the way we describe them, the spokesperson said. Since the ACCC undertaking, they've identified 9 per cent of customers connected to the NBN whose connections are not available of delivering the top speeds - these customers have begun to be contacted and will continue to be contacted over the remainder of November. This can translate into the speed you end up getting in many different ways. Retailers were encouraged to immediately implement some measures in August, by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission,  but a spokesperson acknowledged it would be reasonable to allow three months for more significant changes.

They would  monitor market developments in the coming weeks to determine compliance, though had already seen some telco companies move towards compliance and were aware of providers who were still intending to follow suit. Industry peak body Communications Alliance chief executive John Stanton described the guidance as voluntary and very complex and said it could be too early to say whether it has had a positive impact. Service providers have been assessing the practicality and challenges of complying with the ACCC guidance, he said. Challenges including re-working all existing media, creating new network testing processes and deciding whether to start renaming broadband plans with the names suggested by the ACCC, he said. An Optus spokesperson confirmed they'd commenced updating their NBN advertising in line with the ACCC's guidance.

Optus NBN advertising utilises industry standard speed labels which provide customers with information including maximum off peak speeds and typical evening peak speeds they can expect, the spokesperson said. ACCC chairman Rod Sims said they had seen significant changes in the market as telcos moved towards compliance - with some providing evening period speed information in their advertising. We are aware of other [providers] that are intending to follow suit, Mr Sims said. One of many Go like similes that have worked their way into the American language mainstream since the late 6885s. Some other examples:

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