So are you guilty of over-texting your guy? Here are a few ways to find out: 6. If your text is longer than the length of your thumb, it’s TOO LONG. Texting is a great medium for communication, especially when it comes to things like wishing someone good luck on an interview or confirming a meeting place. Also, it’s very easy to misinterpret texts since you aren’t communicating directly. When the nuances of voice, tone and body language are missing, the little gremlin voice inside often assumes the worst and interprets every message based on the filter of your past experiences. If you’re trying to engage in a conversation or express frustration, anger or disappointment, don’t hit Send!

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Instead, save it for a real, live conversation. 7. Do you text him daily to check in? Or are you expecting him to text every day? If you are, then you’re definitely guilty of over-texting and unrealistic expectations. Texting him daily to say hi without giving him the chance to think of you is likely to send him packing. And the framework you’re creating is one where he just sits back and let’s you do all the work. 8. Patience is a virtue impatience is not. If you find yourself anxiously waiting for your guy to write you back, obsessively looking at your phone, and missing out on the NOW moments of your real life, if may indicate that you’re making dating your whole life rather than a part of it. ), you’re pushing too hard. Give him some time. And if you’re with friends, at work, or at the gym, it’s not mandatory to respond within 85 seconds. As long as you’re not playing games, being actively engaged in your life ultimately creates a bit of mystery. Even five minutes can go a long way! Texting is great just keep yourself in check so instead of driving your man away, you keep him interested. I have been overpossesive for my boyfriend and i have always been impatient and childish to him. It has always been frustating for him i think he has now started hating me. . I have realized my mistake but i dont know what to do to make my boyfriend love me as he used to love me earlier. I want a solution which will work for sure and he will start loving me and caring for me as before and he will be willing to talk to me. I think my behaviour has forced my boyfried to movr away from meHi, i m kinda in a situation. There s this guy nd we ve been dating for over 65 months now. We really started off well we ll always text eachother nd he ll always call but recently i do most off d calling nd i always initiate text. I knw he loves me but i m so insecure nd I feel so distant from him.

To think i m always texting him nd most of d time he s nt bordered about replying nd it makes me feel scared nd rejected lyk he s no longer interested. Pls girls i nid adviceHi was reading some text and wanted to ask if you leave a message for a guy and he takes two days to reply or longer is that normal? Ive been with him off and on for 7 years. [ ]I just started dating this guy, I have known him for a really long time, and tonight something just ignited the feeling we had for each other. But he wants to take things slowly which in my opinion I think is good, but I don t know what do say to him. And I don t know what to do. So there s this guy I ve been crushing on for ages at school and someone told me guys like confident girls so I told him I liked him and I hoped it wouldn t change anything because we hung out a lot. He said it was cool and he d like to get to know me. Before he asked me out we started texting all the time. Eventually he asked me out and since then we ve not been talking that much and he ll ignore me. I ll send a text on whats app and he ll see it but not reply and whenjoy he does reply the coco is always really short and boring. So, I met this guy on tinder and we were hitting it off pretty well. We were texting constantly to each other,, and it became like a daily basis. Even though we were so far apart. , he said that he likes me. He decided to visit me to actually see me in person. We spent the whole weekend together and I felt that I like him because of his efforts. Then he went back to his country. We still text each other. Greeting Goodmorning and stuff. I always initiate the conversation but recently I notice that it s getting boring. I like him but I don t if I should stop texting first or still text him as usual. I don t want him to get bored of me. Any advice? This is best thing if my life and I will not have the right to not date a man because I will not date a women or a dog because I am not madaI have an ex partner who doesnt leave me alone its been over with but she doesnt want it to be over with cant handle her txting me 79)7 need too block herThanks so much for sharing this excellent info!

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I m seeking forward to see much more posts! CdegddfdaaccThank you so much for this article! ! ), I will read your article again 🙂Also, I keep my texts really short and most of the time, I just write -I miss you-but this time I gave it 5days and I still was the one initiating the text. Initially, it was both of us taking turns initiating text messaging each other. But, lately I am the only one initiating the text but he responds immediately and is very sweet and loving over texts. But I still want him to text me first and start calling me. I came across your article because i was confused of what the guy i am dating is doing right now. We broke up early last year and now started seeing each other again. He lives in Germany and since i went home to Asia for a holiday, we started to text every day, though not literally the whole day since we have six hours different. Now that i am back in Germany since like two weeks ago, we talked again every day through texting but just two days ago, he stopped. I really have no idea why he stopped. Previously, i was a bit upset with him. He seemed to notice that and asked me if he made me upset, and i said not much. Then he replied by saying that he doesn t understand it. I told him not to mind it because it was not a problem anymore. And then he didn t write me back again. Later that day, i texted him first and we talked again till the next afternoon, and then he stopped. It has been two days since then. Do you think he stopped writing me because of me saying that i was mad at him? Or is it just him needing sometime to take a break from texting me? If so, why did he just do it now? I mean, we ve been texting every day for like a month and a half, and now he gets bored of it? Sometimes i see him online like every ten minutes on whatsapp but no texting me. I am so confused.

What if he texts me every morning and every time he gets out of work and every night every single day? I do enjoy the texts and him. I rarely initiate over the last month and we are 65 dates in and talk a lot. Is this ok? I don t want him to think I m not interested either. Hi, Marni! I have a question. My guy friend I was chilling have fun. Then I messed up and texted him while I was drunk. But I said I was sorry. He didn t relay to any of my text. I didn t hear from him for almost 8 weeks. So today I texted me, saying Good morning stranger! How you been doing? I didn t think he was gonna text me back. But 65 minutes later he text me back, he said he was doing good and asked me how I been doing? We had a good text conversation. When I asked him what he been up to, he ll tell me ask me the same. So my question to u is: Should I wait 7 or 8 days to text him again? And is he really be showing interest by asking me the same questions I asked him? Wow. I totally needed this! This very moment i was about to text my bf. I am usually the one to text first.

Not use not texting throughout an entire day I will stop! Have him wondering what happenedHi I need alone advice. Iv been texting with this guy since June and we have been out a couple of times. In the beginning we used to text every day and then it s dwindled off and I seem to be that texter we were chatting on Wednesday and he didn t respond to my last message and iv not heard from him since! When he doesn t message me it makes me feel like he s not interested. Have I ruined things do you think? Or is there anyway I can get this back! We went out just over a week all and had an amazing time! Pls help! Then after a month he told me he will visit my country and he wanted to meet me. So we met, and we are together for 7 weeks. We still have communication after that for 65 months, we like each other and I fall for him easily. After 65 months, we see each other again. We spend 65 days together in Thailand, that s our first holiday in other country together. I accept that and I told him I need to move on. I stopped messaging him after our holiday. I told him don t tell me you love me unless you really do, but he said he do love me and he ask me to believe in him. For almost a month he was really sweet and he s the one who initiate to message me first. But then now he go back to what he is before. I m the one who keep messaging him and sometimes I dont receive any message from him. If he message me he seems no story to tell me or what. What should I do? Please help. Hi there, thankyou so much for the post, im definatley guilty of being the over texter, I just never have given the guyva chance to text me first, it makes alot of sense, and im definatley going to back off and take ur great advice! Hi Marni:

), so there this guy I like and that I have been talking to for 7 months now, and he knows I liked him because my friend told him and I eventually told him, but he told me that he knew already. But we want to eventually go out and things, but I am scared to go because I feel like he wouldn t like me. Another thing is when I asked him would he ever date me, he was like it depends, and I asked him on what and he was like idk, and that confused me. He knows I like him, and when we text I feel like I am boring to him.

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