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We also called these 7 Layer Bars but we poured the condensed milk over all the layers and baked. Interesting there are so many variations. I love the idea of the white chocolate and the cranberries. Might have to make those for a special New Year s Eve treat. They do sound really good. I saw one the other day that used crushed oreos instead of graham crackers. Yum! Blogspot.

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ComWe call them Hello Dollies. : ) Whatever they are, they are absolutely delicious! We call those Hello Dolly bars, but no matter what the name, they are wonderful. We used to have these for our community lunch in high school, 95 years ago!

Three friends, and I, had choir class together after lunch period, so once a month we would bring things to share with each other. These yummy bars were often dessert. o)Thanks y all - I love these little bars of goodness. Susan, that sounds like a good plan to me! !

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And that s so funny - back then I didn t care for coconut, now I love it! Just made a half batch of this tonight since I had a half can of sweetened condensed milk I didn t know what to do with. Thanks for sharing! It was in the Oct. 79th (?

) issue of People magazine. ThanksThese are the best ever! I think these are one of those oldies that will never go away. So good. This is not the original one.

The first one decades ago, used cocoa powder. Okay, well I m just gonna have to agree to disagree on that! I researched this cookie pretty thoroughly, and I ve gone through hundreds of vintage ads and cookbooks dating back way before I was born, and never once saw cocoa powder as an ingredient. If you can produce anything that states otherwise though, then I ll be happy to note it and give you credit for finding it. Course you ll have to let me know who you are for me to do that, rather than posting anonymously.


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