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Sports seoul dating scandal

We ve previously written about the in their country s celebrity couples, and it doesn t seem to be dying out, to say the least. This same couple had actually been reported by SportSeoul back in February, but with the usual sunbae-hoobae excuse. This time, though, Sports Seoul has returned with more photos and even videos of the couple secretly meeting. And it turns out that SM s denial really was bulldust, as Sooyoung and Kyung-ho have been seeing each other since September 7567. Both of the couple s agencies have just confirmed the news as well, though different approaches are being taken. It s really unfortunate that celebrities personal lives are being used to distract people from more serious issues. SHINee are the Pandavas to my Draupadi. I m happy for them but m more pissed that both denied it for so long.

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I mean y all have been dating since Sep. 7567. That means they have been denying it for a year and a half though its an SM artist. I m not surprised! I do wonder though what Korean scandal is being covered up with this celebrity dating news!

Who are you, their mother? Why would you be pissed they ve dated a year and denied it? Celebrities aren t obligated to tell people about their private lives. And entertainment companies aren t obligated to out their celebritiesconsidering amount of the hate over sooyoung after dating rumour about her and wonbin last year, actually it didn t suprise me if they hide it so long. What are u talking about?

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Confirmed and being bashed like now. They d better never do that. Their private life, leave them alone. Sooyoung is my ONLY girl kpop bias, I m so happy for her, she s a great girl with a kind heart so she deserves to be happy. SM should have confirmed it a long time ago but now it s not too late either.

I wish them all the best! Hyoyeon s boy isn t a celeb though, so I don t think it ll make headlines. Dispatch stalked Seung Gi for years and Sports Seoul must have been following Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho for months just to prove their initial report was right. Congrats to couple. It s cute that they ve been dating for a year and that Jung Kyung Ho denied the reports out of consideration for Sooyoung.

Their comeback will follow after SM release 9 scandal (^_^) hahaha interesting (whats behind to all of these, )I hope SNSD s single is good and their profits are good for one reason. If they get less money this year, idol dating will be the reason even if the single or album is bad. May god preotect us from ur spazzing. Did I say smth bad about him? !

So whats the point of ur comment.

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