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You have an option. The world’s brightest minds have discovered a way to shrink humans down to only 5 inches tall as an answer to overpopulation. Not only does it reduce human consumption and waste, but the procedure comes with a dramatic increase in the value of the individual’s money (an 8-inch car is much cheaper to New Year s is my favorite holiday. I love fireworks, I love staying up late, but mostly, I love making New Year’s resolutions and I love the feeling of waking up and feeling like a new and different person, in a new and different year. A lot of my friends don’t understand this. Our calendar years It s been said that no one dates at Stanford, but in fact,  nearly one in five Stanford grads ends up marrying another Stanford alumnus. With so many awesome, intriguing people at Stanford, we feel that this number could be much higher. Introducing the Stanford Dating Experiment.

What is a good way to meet single women at Stanford

Tell us a little bit about yourself through our application, and if we find a match for you, we ll send you on a blind date and interview you about it afterwards. Dinner s on us*. The problem with this is that everyone wants to go out with someone who is hot How hard would it be to add grad student to the list? I mean, come on.

We make up too much of a majority of students to be labeled other. Thanks for doing this! This helps be inclusive of sexual minorities that extend beyond gay and bi people. 🙂Also, intersex is more often considered a sex, not a gender.

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(Though, I don t want to speak for intersex people, I m sure at least a few people identify their gender as intersex too after their sex was determined to be intersex. ) Gender most often includes man, woman, non-binary, genderfluid, agender, and other terms like that. Not sure if it matters much, but it touches on the difference between sex (male, female, intersex) and gender (man, woman, two-spirit, etc). Both these things may seem like very minute syntax differences from the outside, but if you look at okcupid or tinder, they re often labels people put upfront immediately because they indicate a fundamental incompatibility.

Thanks for commenting! We ve edited the help text definitely trying to be as inclusive as possible. Sorry! Guess we didn t expect the grad response rate to be as high as it s been, plus there s a fair amount of self-differentiation between masters/PhD/business/med students that we wanted to enable.

Will names be published in the article or can people choose to remain anonymous? Names will be published, likely alongside a selfie of the two people at the restaurant. Hope that doesn t dissuade you! Is there a target age range you re looking for?

This discourages certain people, particularly LGBT+ individuals who are not out to family/others back home. There s absolutely no way to remain anonymous for the article? Allowing anonymity would allow for a much broader range of individuals to be comfortable helping out with this experiment.

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