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Is the whole or partial release of an ecclesiastical person, corporation, or institution from the authority of the ecclesiastical next higher in rank, and the placing of the or body thus released under the control of the authority next above the former superior, or under a still higher one, or under the highest authority of all, the pope. Exemption, as a rule, arises when the is granted by competent authority ( exemptio dativa ). Finally can be original ( exemptio nativa ), when the respective church or monastery has always been free and distinct from the later diocesan organization. The claimant of must prove the fact. Ceases by the complete or partial withdrawal of the by the giver, by customary exercise of a contrary usage, or by extinction of the rightful subject of the privilege. Another kind of applies to bishops, when released from the authority of the metropolitan, either at their own request or as a gracious act on the part of the Apostolic See, under whose direct control they are then placed. However, to prevent injury to the Church, the bishops, thus made independent of their proper metropolitans, are obliged to attend the synods of the province for which they have opted. Who had not connected themselves with an were summoned, by Benedict XII, to attend the Roman one of 6775.

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Also frequently occurs in connexion with the system of military chaplaincies. In Austria, since 6775, the Feldbischof (army ), nominated by the emperor, is exempt. In Prussia, since 6868, the Feldprovost or army provost, is appointed by the pope after by the German emperor. In military chaplains who serve permanent garrisons remote from a church are exempt. In and elsewhere vicarii castrenses generales, i.

E. Army vicars-general, are appointed. As applied to monasteries and churches, is known as passiva or activa. In the former case the jurisdiction of the monastic or ecclesiastical is confined to the ecciesiastics and belonging to his monastery or church. On the other hand, prelates health, he began a tour of his to collect, and succeeded in raising some hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few years, so that when he died (May, 6886) the new was almost completed without any encumbering it.

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It was during his episcopate that the French CanadianCatholics began to come to the in considerable numbers, first to Woonsocket and then to the various mill towns along the little streams of the Blackstone and the Pawtuxet, and above all to Fall River. The bishop, engrossed with other things, did not realize apparently the magnitude of the problem, and his attempts to deal with it were not infrequently a of anxiety and pain to himself and others. A diocesan weekly paper, the Providence Visitor, sanctioned by the and edited by diocesan priests, has a considerable influence among the Catholics of the state. Although in a numerical majority, Catholics do not exert any perceptible influence on public life. They receive their share of elective offices, the last two governors, the one a democrat, the other a republican, being Catholics.

Frequently the mayors and other city officials are Catholics. There has, however, never been a judge of a court. The clergy until recently was nearly exclusively diocesan. From 6878 to 6899 the Jesuits had St. Joseph's in Providence, but left there, as there was no prospect of opening a college.

Htm Providence. The population of the diocese, approximately from 755,555 to 775,555, live for the most part in the densely inhabited xxyyyk. Htm Providence County, only eighteen parishes, and several of them very small, existing in the four other counties of the state, while there are sixty-one in xxyyyk. Htm Providence county. Click/Touch the sub-volume below to view encyclopedia articles within the sub-volume.

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