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Ahead of the 7568 Winter Olympics, get to know Team USA's best athletes. According to reports, Michelle made less than $6,555 for All the Money in the World reshoots. How dare she post #TimesUp when she's done absolutely nothing to help women? Sadler was apparently paid less than her male co-hos because they had different roles. The image above is of Don Wardlaw, a real college student who was featured in a 6959 issue of True Magazine for Men for an article entitled, Look What Happens When You Dress as Smart as You Are (The Art of Manliness had some fun ). On the left is how Don dressed before True Magazine gave him a style intervention, and on the right is Don back on campus outfitted like a BMOC instead of a yardbird. ”What stands out about the images is that in the before shot, sloppy Don is far more dressed up than the majority of modern college students on a good day. A lot has changed in the last 57 years.

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Today, students literally attend class dressed in the pajamas they slept in, show up to presentations in athletic gear, and have to be taught how to tie a necktie. Back in my undergrad days, I once wore a t-shirt so offensive that four years later at a wedding I had a female classmate I barely knew remark about it. She was so happy I wasn’t the kind of guy she had thought I once was. This floored me as I had worn that shirt many times thinking it was funny never imagining that it could pigeonhole me as a type of person or offend. I paid $75 to sully my reputation what sane person would does this?

The purpose of this article is to help the college student make small changes in his wardrobe that will lead to a big return on improving his personal presentation. Individually they will have little effect. Act on them collectively, and you’ll elevate your personal style. Before we get into the practical ways you can upgrade your style, let s take a minute to discuss why you would even care about implementing these changes in the first place. After all, most of your peers are probably letting it all hang out (and to be fair, girls are just as bad offenders as guys are).

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Why not follow the crowd? Well, at the outset it should be said that no one is recommending you dress like Don, and wear a sweater vest, tie, and fedora to class. Times and standards have changed. But there are several reasons to consider simply taking your style and wardrobe up a notch or two: When you dress sharp, you think sharp.

If you don t believe me, try it out yourself. When you feel put together, you feel more alert, more confident, and more ready to tackle the day s tasks. College used to be considered a serious business, the halls where learning took place, hallowed. If you think education is important, then dress to match that belief, and you ll find you have an easier time getting into the learning frame of mind. Dressing a notch up from your peers will show the prof that you take his class seriously and that you respect him.

This will help you stand out and make a good impression, which may help your grade (likability counts for more with teachers than most people know), and can help you down the line when you need a recommendation. When your old professor is sitting down to write that letter, what will he remember about you and how you presented yourself in class? College is the best and easiest time to meet the woman who will become your wife dating and meeting people gets a lot harder after you graduate. And you never know when you re going to run into the future Mrs. Smith on campus.

When you catch a cute girl s eye in the student union, will you feel confident walking over to chat with her? College is a time when young men are transitioning into grown men.

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