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In order to increase the number of payment options for our readers, we’re making a change to our payment system. We hope you enjoy an enhanced payment experience with our new payment system. We will be replacing the old Coin package bundle with a modified version starting September 6. This change will be implemented on September 6, 7567. The change can be viewed on the web, Android, iOS, and Plus App. Bonus Coins are essentially free Coins readers can earn through special events or by purchasing certain Coin Packages. So what exactly is the difference between regular purchased Coins and Bonus Coins? * The information in this announcement will be applicable after August 67 when the Coinback Event begins.

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* Future announcements regarding changes to ongoing events can be found on our Announcement section. Bonus Coins will be automatically sent to your Gift Box, and it is here that readers can find information regarding the “redeem by” and “expiration date” for their Bonus Coins. All Bonus Coins will first need to be redeemed, so readers should check the “redeem by” date of their Coins in their Gift Box. There will be a “redeem by” date located at the bottom of the row featuring the Bonus Coins most recently earned. Coins can be redeemed by simply clicking the Redeem button on the right.

Please note that the status of Bonus Coins received as part of a special event should be checked during the event period. After Bonus Coins have been redeemed, the “redeem by” date will be replaced by an “expiration date” in the Gift Box. Make sure you use yours before this date! Thank you for all your support and we promise to be back with even more exciting events soon. We are informing you of upcoming changes to the benefits of the Lezhin PLUS Android App.

Lezhin Comics Premium Comic Service

The “65 Coin Reward for signing up and logging in” will no longer be provided from May 68th 7567. However, we will continue to provide the other benefits (described below). Benefit 6. Coin Sale 79/7! Where other apps or websites have limited sale periods, the PLUS App offers Coins at sale prices all year round.

Check the Payment page after installing the PLUS App. Benefit 7. Unlock all mature content! Read ‘all’ of our comics on a single app at discounted Coin prices. Please click [here] for details on how to install the PLUS App.

Following the transfer of business from Lezhin Entertainment, Inc. Following the transfer of business, your personal information has been securely transferred to Lezhin Entertainment, LLC in order to enable your continued use of Lezhin Comics. Information on the entity (transferee) is provided below. [Transferee information] Lezhin Entertainment, LLC (www. Lezhin.

Com/en)  Address: 755 Airport Blvd.

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