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Is finding out your partner had an affair a non-negotiable? Or can it actually bring you two closer together. Discussing the ways to remedy the situation are just as important as helping the person who was hurt and angered voice his or her feelings. Apologizing is not enough. [Saying] 'I am so sorry for all of the pain I have caused' may have to be repeated daily and then monthly for a while. Trust can come back if, on a daily basis, the partner can check in and assess, 'Was there any reason to mistrust my partner today? ' Over time as the answer continues to be 'no', balance and more trust emerges again. Go to therapy.

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It's so important to have someone who can guide you through this process. Be patient.

This isn't something that will be repaired in a few weeks or a few months. Don't fall into victim and villain roles.

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At the beginning of therapy I always tell the person who cheated that I do not look at them as the villain. I say this in front of the other partner.

It's important to set the stage this way. They are not a villain just because they chose something wrong.

Figuring out how to tell one's partner what one is thinking, or wrestling with, should be a basic rule. Even starting a conversation with, 'I don't know how exactly to say this, but. ' is a start.

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