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Total newbie to TortoiseSVN here. I need to change a log message for some commits I made to subversion. I only want to make my changes and then have everything go back to the way it was before, meaning you can't change anything after the commit. According to this post ( ), I understand you have to create a pre-revprop-change. Bat file to do this. My question is if I just add this bat file, make the changes to the log messages, and then remove the bat file, will the settings go back to the previous state (ex. Log messages uneditable). .

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In order to use the svn propedit command on a revision properly (like svn: log which is the log message property), you do need a pre-revprop-change hook, because the default behaviour is to deny revision property changes. The easiest way to add a pre-revprop-change hook is to make a copy of the pre-revprop-change. Tmpl file (which you'll find in /repository-name/hooks in your svn directory), call it pre-revprop-change and make it executable ( chmod a+x ). After you run your propedit commands, you can either remove the hook to revert to default behaviour, or change it to always exit with a non-zero return code. Use the accepted answer from to get the pre-revprop-change hook code. Make the file and put it in the repository's hooks directory. Now you can change the log messages. If you don't want to be able to change the log messages anymore, delete pre-revprop-change. Bat. The first Blue Marlin weighing in excess of 6555lbs was caught on 6st January. Read more about this great capture by clicking the photo. Yesterday the Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, released the long-awaited draft plans for the Commonwealth Marine Reserves. Our initial response of the plans is very positive the Game Fishing Association of Australia will be coordinating a response within the 65 day comment period. The Media release from GFAA and a link to the website detailing the plans are available at the following: The Super Trawler, Game Fish Research Funding, Meeting with Government and more: The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation has serious concerns about the way the Government is developing the Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network Day 6 River A nice brown on new (to John) technique. Upstream unweighted, no wool indicator, mayfly nymphing. Day 8 Another stream Top Rod so far — 69 to hand — all on the dry! Getting the cast going.

Phil furthest from camera, along with sons Paddy Adrian (closest) starting off. Ex Kiwi, now NSW-based, George was looking to get some dry fly action on light gear with his day on the water. This was his first to hand, a lively brownie on a #9wt. On smaller water in the afternoon, changed down to a #8wt (one of Hurleys FFW new AirFlow Creek rods) and it, along with George, performed beautifully. One of the many beautifully marked wild browns to hand … the faithful (pink posted) emerger again. Kimberly with her first ever trout on the fly, a 9. 5lb rainbow in our teaching water taken on a damsel fly nymph. Partner Brendan, working some of the gentle runs on the Macquarie as part of the intro day. Good stream stalking and wading opportunity although only few rises, but no hook-ups in that session. Ernst loves his light-weight cane rods and here he is with another good trout on. Excellent mayfly day. Peter Elizabeth, returning Red Taggers off to a fly(fish)ing start! Next corner up and it s Peter s turn on the dry (pink post emerger on show) to get a lively stream brown. Then its Elizabeth s turn again … and so on it went over three days, three different rivers with success on all. Here Dan hooks up his biggest wild brown,  only to be broken off mid-air in the playing. Son Andrew hooks onto a very good stream wild brown — his best ever on the fly. Again a dry. Sighted, stalked, caught and released, a top effort on the #8wt. Julie s first one on the fly, following usual on grass casting practise, dam fishing next (missed one) then afternoon at Currawong Lakes … what a bend in the #5wt. … and this is the reason why — a 9.

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5lb rainbow! You guessed it, on the Butler Brown Woolly Bugger. When I first started working in IT, one of the first difficult issues I had to deal with was trying to figure out how to get dual monitors to work correctly. It s a simple enough concept. You would think that all you d have to do is just plug any video display into the applicable computer port on your laptop or PC and you re good to go. The monitors should just instantly turn on and start working, right? Well, that s definitely not the case. In this article I m going to cover each of those areas and help you troubleshoot the issues you may be having with your extended displays. It s easy enough to check just plug in the monitors and then go into Control Panel Display. Then click on Change display settings. At the bottom of the next page, you ll see Display adapter properties. Click on that. Click on the Monitor tab of your video card display (if there is a monitor setting), and check to see if the card sees the number of monitors that you ve plugged in. If you only see one, then you should quit here because even though there are two ports, the card is only able to utilize one at a time. Much of your success in this comes down to hardware capability, so checking this first is the most important thing. However, if you ve confirmed that your video card can see all displays that you ve plugged in, yet you can t seem to get additional monitors to work, don t give up. There are a few little techniques I ve picked up that might help you fix your own issues. You may see a port on your computer that accepts a plug like this this will be one type of digital port that most monitors today can take. In fact, some of them out there are moving away from the old style VGA ports and moving entirely to digital. By the way, when it comes to laptops, another option is to purchase and use compatible docking stations.

You may have a docking station option that may extend your laptop (which may only have a single video port), into a docking station that features two or more ports. So even if you only have one video port available on your laptop, definitely research this option. So now this gets us to the third concept. You ve confirmed your video card can talk to more than one monitor, you ve taken an inventory of the types of output ports available on your PC or laptop and that you do actually have two or more output video ports available to plug into. So now you should just be able to plug it in and go, right? Nope plug in those monitors while your computer is turned on, and if you re lucky just one of the external ports will be enabled and start displaying, like shown below. My laptop display stayed on, and my VGA connection started displaying immediately. Yet, the third PC is plugged in and I know my video card can see it, so why is it blank? There are a lot of reasons this can happen. When it comes to laptops, there s a little secret that most people don t know. Just because it comes with a built-in display doesn t mean you can have a 8-display setup. Many laptops only have two video outputs or if the main display can be enabled, only one external monitor can be used in extended mode. The other must be a clone. With some laptops, to get those two external monitors working requires a certain sequence. First, shut down your laptop. When it s off, turn it back on and immediately close the display so that the display is turned off. Once it s booted, only one display is working. But don t worry, just go back into the display settings, and you ll either see your two external monitors, or you might even see all three if the computer is capable of displaying the laptop video at the same time as well. Set up the first external as a clone of your laptop display, and then set up the second external as an extended display. Click Apply and voila I now have an operational setup with two large external displays running off my laptop one off the VGA port and the other off the HDMI port.

As you can see, there are a lot of points in the process where some people would give up and conclude that it just doesn t work not realizing that if they just rebooted and shut the laptop display (or just plug in both monitors and then reboot the computer at that point), the dual monitors would work. It comes down to just making sure your video card is capable of doing this (most are these days), and then playing around with those display settings and making sure that the monitors are configured correctly. And as is usually the case in IT, when all else fails, reboot. Have you ever beat your head against the wall setting up external displays? What sort of problems did you have, and what was the solution? Share your own annoying external monitor experiences in the comments section below! Champion! Great article, thanks for the help, totally resolved my problem! I have a Sony VAIO laptop linked to an HP Pavilion 77xi Monitor and external keyboard and mouse. The resolution on the monitor is not as sharp as the laptop. At one time if I closed the lid on the laptop the monitor resolution changed and was as sharp as the laptop, which was great. However, my version of Windows 65 was automatically upgraded and since then I cannot get the monitor resolution to match the laptop resolution. Another amazing article clearly explaining the step-by-step procedure. Kudos guys. Everything works fine, in the sense I am seeing display in all the three viz. Laptop, LG and the Samsung (VGA). But the problem is both the external displays (LG and the Samsung) displaying the same image. Strangely in the screen resolution I am able to see only 7 displays (either the LG and the Laptop or if I disconnect the LG and connect the Samsung, the Laptop and the Samsung Monitor). Why is only one of the external displays appearing in the Screen resolution screen (using Windows 8. 6 almost missed this info).

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