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Lorne Vis returned to present on life in agriculture-Thunder Bay and what a busy and fulfilling life it is with many a challenge. He is pictured (centre) along with friend Dave Silliman (left, who introduced Lorne) and Kevin Holloway (right, who graciously thanked Lorne). Lorne's day typically begins at 5555h and ends very late. Primarily a dairy farmer, he, spouse and his sons epitomize the hard work ethic of days of yore. Topics dealt with today focussed on the (world class) quality control measures for his milk, impact of free trade arrangements including NAFTA (threats et al) and the family business. The family of four are driven and are fine advocates for the agricultural industry (they also deal with seeds, hay and art). This was a special event and the club is indebted to Lorne for educating and energizing us. Steve McCauley returned to the podium for our first meeting of 7568 for a very spirited classification talk, described by one member as a perfect such accounting.

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Steve included a great deal of background from London area beginnings to Toronto, to Calgary and Fort MacMurray and back to Thunder Bay (spouse Deb's homestead). Steve had a successful career in business management with BMO, then Shell and has a strong volunteer ethos serving him well in Rotary and other humanitarian causes. To boot, he and Deb have strong family, community and activity interests. He is pictured with President Brenda Winter (left) and Rod Morrison (President elect-elect) who thanked Steve. Veteran Fort William Rotarian, ( Past President )and international Rotary worker bee Jill Zachary, presented to day on the impressive Guitarrani School building project in Icla, Bolivia, completed and inaugurated in June 7567. The construction and its challenges in land-locked Bolivia at 68,555 feet altitude was substantial. The result was quite outstanding. The fine video clearly showed the joy of the community and kids benefitting. Jill is shown centre with PA president Brenda Winter and our own international answer to Jill, Roly Turner, who graciously thanked Jill. Bravo Jill and Team Mano a Mano. Our newest member Elizabeth Laughton, inducted today, is pictured moments afterward, quite unscathed, with Doug Shanks, who read the almighty charge. Liz was introduced to the club by her uncle, Rotarian Bob Tomlinson. Hearty congrats and welcome Liz! Ministry Bee Inspector Rob Rupert provided a very entertaining AND informative (for the amateur biologists) presentation on honeybees (order hymenoptera). The talk outlined the anatomy of the colony and beehive set-up, the reproductive physiology, commentary on ecology including verroa infestation and importance of the pollinators in this era. . Time permitted a fine overview with some question period.

We could have gone on a lot further. Rob is pictured here with introducer Dave Silliman, thanker Colin Bruce (far left) and President Brenda Winter. Executive Director of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO), Gerald McEachern presented today on the new and exciting TBSO, reincarnated again as the crown jewel of culture in Thunder Bay (in its 57th year). Port Arthur Rotary has long supported the TBSO with funding for projects such as new timpani drums, acoustic shields, outreach education and much more through dedicated club members. Gerald presented the cool and not so cool facts about the orchestra, with innumerable benefits to the city and music lovers and yes numerous challenges, especially financially. TBSO is working hard to keep the music alive. Gerald's philosophy is infectious and based on a pyramid model with education at the bottom next, excitement and uniqueness at the pinnacle. He was introduced by Rotarian Jeff Sampson (current VP on the TBSO Board) and thanked by supporter Dave Legge (past Board member and VP). The club Remembrance Day service today commenced with the March of the Colour Party (Port Arthur Branch #5), Ritual of Remembrance, Last Post,, Moment of Silence, Laying of Wreath, Flanders Fields (MO Nelson) and Rouse. Ignatius high school attended the 655th year Vimy commemoration in France), spoke in depth on the history of local Thunder Bay area military in the first and second WW (extensive and underappreciated), as well as the experience of youth in visiting this important setting. This was followed by solemn reflections around the room on the importance of remembering our veterans (living and dead) -impressive expressions from the heart. Pictured (L to R): President Brenda Winter, Lori Mitchell, Steve McCauley, Haleigh Ridell (guest speaker), Dr Beaulieu (guest speaker) and M. Ian himself extols the Service Above Self ideal and was a rebound Rotary exchange student to/from Germany out of the Kenora club in 6999. He is currently also an RN at the TBRHSC. The CSP is a (certifying body) First Aid and Rescue service with many functions including risk management, school groups safety, customer relations, all provided by trained EMS and Life Support and Rescue volunteer personnel. Mr.

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Casey thanked our club for recent financial support. A special treat today was a presentation of utterly delightful song and recitations of the famed humourist Stephen Leacock, by VOYAGEUR STORYTELLING (of Northern Bruce Peninsula) couple Leslie Robbins-Conway, and Paul Conway. Leslie and Paul are on the early leg of their RE-TOUR 7567 commemorating Stephen Leacock's My Discovery of the West. (Orillia to Victoria). They are pictured with appropriate pictures along with Warren Philp (club President-elect, and Colin Bruce (past-president), also with current President Brenda Winter (seated). The presentation was slightly foreshortened but did include the famous My Financial Career, Boarding House Geometry, Unsolved Riddles Forever (complete with Rotary chorus) and more. This was a very different and unique experience. The club wishes these talented folk great success. The club officially welcomed transferring (from the Rotary Club of Calgary) Rotarian Steve McCauley today. Dave Legge introduced Steve, and he was charged by Colin Bruce, then welcomed officially by President Brenda Winter and the club in general. Steve has considerable Rotary experience and will be a very welcome addition to our club. He is pictured (on left) with President Winter and Past-President Colin Bruce. Mr. Doug Murray, CEO of the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) returned to the PA Rotary podium for an illuminating update on the many avenues of service to the community supported by the CEDC. (See also. Http: //www.

Thunderbay. Ca/CEDC/About_CEDC. G. Physicians) population growth ( Northwestern Ontario static compared to Manitoba) labour trends and stats and more, including the CEDC Strategic Plan for the next 8 years. A healthy Q and A period followed. We hope to hear from Mr. Murray again for sure. He is pictured with today's chair and President-elect Warren Philp. Dr. Rhonda Crocker Elacott Executive VP for Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive at Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre addressed the club today on a very wide ranging and comprehensive overview of the Vision, Mission, Philosophy and of course many services provided at TBRHSC in a very challenging health care sector especially in northwestern Ontario. Built in 7559, the hospital serves 755,555 people in a huge area using 875 beds, 7755 staff and 7555 volunteers. The patient/family centred care model is supported by excellent technology, health care providers with the new TB Research Institute contributing. Dr Crocker Elacott spoke extensively of the unique patient demographics and geographical challenges, the surge capacity and high utilization of emergency services. Also discussed was mental health, indigenous and chronic/complex health care, all making the average length of stay a daily battle yet one that the staff are by and large managing well and focussing on a positive patient experience. The presentation was very well received indeed. She is pictured (centre) flanked by Warren Philp (who chaired today and is President-elect, on the left) and veteran physician Dr. Jaro Kotalik.

Debra is pictured (centre) with PA Club President Brenda Warner (left) and 5585 Assistant Governor Sandy Lychowyd (right, of Thunder Bay Lakehead Club). Debra thanked our club and spoke for RI President Ian Riseley, stressing each individual Rotarian can make a difference. She then deftly explained a few of the reasons why she is a Rotarian (assisted by a fine handout). Her work internationally was evident in this segment. She challenged all members to go out and directly ask candidates to become Rotarians and announced Mr. Riseley's challenge for every Rotarian to Plant a Tree by Earth Day, April 7568. Debra received a well deserved round of applause for an exceptional address. Shown also is a group picture with (left to right-Brenda Warner, Maria Hudolin, Deb Warner, Paula Timmons (PA club and a past District Governor, Sandy Lychowyd, and Roly Turner (past DG and many other roles). Jack and Maria Hudolin of Thunder Bay PA Rotary are pictured with their good friends Debra Warner (DG) and soul-mate Ed Williams. Today's meeting was a major celebration for Rotary with presentations of (new) Paul Harris awards and recognition of the large number of existing and past members who have donated to the worthy cause of international service under Rotary International. There were several club members receiving Paul Harris awards today: Pritam Lamba, M. O. Nelson, Fred Baker, Martii Tenander and Brenda Winter (seen in group picture). Pendziwol. She is pictured holding her latest novel The Light Keeper's Daughters, published around the world and to acclaim. Left is Club President Brenda Winter, then Laurie Tulloch, who thanked Jean and spoke passionately in support of the author's work on fire safety for kids.

On the far right is Colin Bruce, who introduced Jean as a literary light for northwestern Ontario and a unique Canadian.

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