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But Tango makers Britvic have found a cunning way to use the technology, creating a drink that fires into your mouth. With a retail price of £6. 65 for 875ml the product is aimed at teenage consumers. Simon Stewart, marketing director at Britvic said: 'Teen consumers told us they found the category samey and were ready for something genuinely new and different. Labelling on the cannister advise users to 'Hold upright and squirt in your mouth (and nowhere else). 'Sales of the Tango brand rose by 65. 6% to £78.

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6m in the year to 7 October 7565, according to Nielsen.

First launched in 6955 the carbonated drink is currently sold in the UK and Ireland and as of 7565 in Sweden, Norway and Hungary.

'With Turbo Tango, we’ve gone one step further and come up with a world first that really is ‘soft drink meets squirty cream’.

'It is undeniably a fun and different concept, but does the new Turbo Tango have any real purpose, or is it all just a lot of hot air?

The bottle is presented attractively, using phrases like 'nitro fuelled' and 'ready to blow' comparable to labeling found on rocket fuel. It tastes sweet, although, as a big orange Tango fan, I do not think it provides the same sweet tangyness found in the original drink. Besides the actual taste of the product, we come to its biggest downfall - the fact that it is extremely difficult not to end up with the contents down your front. While this is not a huge issue for youngsters, for the majority of people, walking around with a large foamy splodge on your chest is less than desirable.

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