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It’s really easy to keep parents informed – a quick note or snapshot a day will do the trick! Send real-time communication home, including examples of student’s behavior and work. Share with confidence, knowing everything on Bloomz is protected by strict security measures. See how much time these teachers saved by using Bloomz for their school communicationI am super pumped I found an app that meets a few different needs and eliminates some of the excess. - Caffeine & Lesson PlansI am loving the close/immediate contact I have with these parents. The parents that have taken the leap of faith with me on this journey are thrilled with Bloomz. - Focused On FifthThe perfect classroom communication tool. I'm all about a one-stop-shop, and it seems like I've found it with Bloomz!

The Parent Communication App for Schools amp Teachers Bloomz

- The Kinder BlenderThis feature will make the feedback even more special and real for our students and parents. - The Library VoiceI am so excited to get rid of the 5 sites I used and use only one! - The Elementary DarlingI was thrilled as I stood there and played but when I got back to my room and played some more I was blown away!

- Teacher Life is GoodBloomz is a fabulous app / website to build your classroom community! - Charlton in ChargeOne of the things that I like best about meeting the Bloomz team was seeing their passion for helping teachers - The CornerstoneBloomz has the potential to be my FAVORITE and I plan to share it with every teacher I know! -Fractus LearningThis is fabulous and love that it is all in one place - Journey of a life long learnerBloomz gives you a little bit of time back and allows you to take care of all of those things in one place.

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I'm sold! - Mrs. Masters Kinder LoveAre you ready for an app that can replace all of your various communication tools in your classroom?

- Miss Nelson’s Got The CameraFrom a teacher perspective, the smartphone is very easy to use. I can easily post photos of a class project or a quick reminder to parents. Really, with communication you want to open as many avenues as possible, and this looks like a great one.

- Ed Tech Speed Dating from The Big Guy in a Bow TieBloomz is an all-in-one app for parent communication. - Shannon CouncilThis free app offers us, magnificent and awesomely cool, teachers an all-in-one place for parent and class communication. In less than a week, my entire class was connected!

Parents seem just as excited. - Mr. Swick's Montessori Upper ElAre you a school administrator? .

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