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Here on this Vid I am simply informing all of you what the agenda of the ADL is. The Jews KNOW that the only power bloc that could ever potentially oppose their quest for hegemony (which they essentially now possess throughout the Western World) is a White Christian Power Bloc. One more thing: I knew I was taking a HIGH RISK with this Video since the ADL is NOW officially monitoring content on YouTube for hate that is criticism of Israel or Jews. That s the ADL s idea of hate. Surely, any Vid that satires Christ or Christianity will pass muster for these wicked Jews who despise our freedoms. I just bought an Adobe Prime Time Video Editor which is a state of the art editor which cost close to $6555. I will be using it for Documentaries and used it for this Video.

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It is very complex and I had to employ the help on my Computer Tech who is also on a learning curve on it. This all costs MUCH MONEY. Numbers of donations just keep on sinking. I used to get some substantial donations in dollar amount but that is few and far between now. SO, I depend on NUMBERS of donations to help pay for the HUGE Bills that keep on piling up. (Personal Needs) Brother Nathanael Kapner PO Box 597 Priest River ID 88856. Kevin MacDonald s video Jewish Influence On Western Culture I ve watched this video a few times over. It s something everyone should watch at least once. Please SUPPORT MY STREET EVANGELISM! Street Across America! This first pic is of a Muslim (he was not afraid of the rain) who told me, “Your religion is superior to mine. I was just contacted by a global media person who wants to meet with me about a major thrust for Brother Nathanael. It folded the day the towers burned in the USA, in my view for Australia it was the Bali Bombings in England probably the 7/7 train and bus bombings. To prove my point not one suggestion from all the 966 truthers about what to do about the deception, except meekly accept its consequences, and talk is cheap but never constructive. Says the Lord. The Zionist Jews and their masonic non jew puppets will reap the final harvest of destruction after being allowed by God, for his own reasons, to climb to unheard of heights of evil, before that demise. Despite the unprecedented terror of the time, or because of it, the earth will finally emerge free of evil for a period of 6555 years, when the forces of evil will be allowed to reap their harvest one more and final time. This then is the eternal victory bought by Christ.

This is the eternal victory over sin and death. But for those who have worked out their salvation in fear and trembling and are being saved, this victory is already nigh. [ ] The ADL s War On White America Real Zionist News [ ]Our role is not to try to convince students of our views when we do that we become didactic, rather than encouraging critical thinking we encourage dogma. We want them to be independent thinkers NOT to tell them what to think. The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe - the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God. Then in the 6975 s to where Americans can now only utter one important phrase: I never got a chance to choose, did I want to come here or not! I was brought by FORCE! Mindful of Fr. Coughlin s warning that most patriot organizations are controlled/false opposition I m not too surprised that Ron Paul has given a pass on his many incongruous positions, so much conflicted with his base support. While this error (? ) can often be laid to lack of vigilance there is little excuse to endorse Paul s persistent support of the gold standard and free-trade, both of which are pillars of the globalist agenda, and considered by Marx indispensable to a world programme. This is all politics and my grievances are for what passes as the color of law not the color of people. Where is our law, our Constitutional Republic, these are the matters of concern for our country. One last thing. If you actually have the concerns you speak I think you might mention the real issues DISCLOSURE AND FREE ENERGY.

Jewish group outraged over Jay Z lyric about property

Perhaps in your good heart you will find the way to help move us towards abundance and peace. We have bought and paid for a bright future, please help…We re sorry to hear that but no longer expect to put your hand out and the White man will make it up to you. Well said, Brother N. The hypocrisy of it all boggles the mind. It seems you can t by cynical enough when it comes to Jewry and its schemes. Friends, for your Judaeologic edification – some of the copious kosher kitsch clogging my cupboards… and your’s: It only took about ten minutes to dig up these. Kosher certification is a bigger racket than even cynical, old me thought it’d be. It s actually less work to list the stuff that *doesn t* have kosher labelling: The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, our most dangerous enemy will become a memory. The comic book tells about the Square Eyes ( Jews ) who are different because they have square eyes but should be fully accepted into society because they have special abilities. But nowhere in the comic book is it mentioned that the central theme of Judaism is that the goyim ( non Jews ) are vastly inferior to Jews like animals or cattle and should be either slaughtered or enslaved. So it makes perfect sense to me for Al Capp to portray rural white people especially the ones that live in the Ozarks or Appalachians as dumb, backwards, ugly, can barely speak English etc. Etc. Al Capp also has a Native American character in Lil Abner named Lonesome Polecat who is portrayed as dumb, lazy, dishonest, ugly etc. Here is what the ADL says about Al Capp in the introduction to the comic book: But like all great writers and artists and he is both Al Capp adds a third dimension to his work which gives it the quality of greatness.

He too, is concerned with the evils of society. Like Dickens or Mark Twain, he too seeks to improve our manners and morals. So much for the idea that ADL is a human rights organization. Can we use the word hypocrites here? If you actually have the concerns you speak I think you might mention the real issues — DISCLOSURE AND FREE ENERGY. . Since the beginning of my adult life I have had some experience with discrimination against white people in the labor force. First in the factories I worked in and then in kitchens, whites were systematically fired and replaced by Latin Americans. If there were no citizens to take the jobs there would be no problem. But the fact is, I and my neighbors were working at those occupations. Recently I went to a local Bank of America to deal with a problem. The bank manage I spoke to was a Guatemalan woman that spoke no English! Is anyone going to convince me that there was no citizen of the U. S. Available to hold that position? Or, at least a Latin American fluent in English able to work as a manager in a branch of Bank of America? I don t know if the ADL is behind this blatant discrimination against citizens of the U. But it is just criminal that it is going on at all.

Yes, I want equal opportunity for persons of all races, creeds, nationalities, etc. Just as the law is written and posted next to the time clock in every workplace. But, the intent of that law was not to differentiate against citizens of the U. Whether white, black, brown or native. I am frustrated by missed opportunities because I didn t come from Mexico. I totally agree with what you said in this video, and praise you fo setting the record straight, Brother. The ADL is a sicko organization, that is too powerful for words, darn it. Can somebody please explain what that funny little Jewish square hat is all about in frame 8: 85? Personally I find dark / white offspring have exceptional qualities as human beings, are very talented and besides, no one held a gun at their parents head - they can marry whoever they want to, its called love. And as the Bible says it is GOD that has joined them together, not the Elders of Mariglio Just cause the Elders of el Paso, or whoever they are, said it was a bad thing for non Jews, doesn t mean it is. They re not the authority here. In Australia for example the aboriginal descendants of Indian ancestors are exceptionally intelligent but are kept down by whites because of purely evil, unstated, unmandated by the letter of the law but nevertheless masonic, police, media, government, and court enforced racism, even though there are government programs in place to help them. This discrimination, marginalization, dehumanization and degradation following on from outright genocide has produced a backlash of hatred in some not all which is to be expected. Anyone who has seen the beauty of a racially mixed Indian woman of Indian and English descent from the British colonial period in India would not think it was a corruption of the races at all but an enhancement. In fact studies have repeatedly shown exceptional talented individuals derive from a mixing of the races. Adam and Eve I believe were a mixture of all races but it was their actions not their race that brought them down. Again, - helping them to implement their plans by diverting attention away from the organisations both Zionist and masonic, (all Zionist organisations have masonic connections) instead of attacking THESE ORGANIZATIONS, full and frontally, regardless of the cost, to expose them and bring their nefarious activities to the light of day.

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