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This section is to help young women deal with a pregnancy. However, if you feel that your situation is urgent then I advise you to call either the Kids Help Line (phone 6855 556 855) or Lifeline (phone 686 669). The most important thing to understand if you are a young woman who is unsure whether or not she is pregnant, is that the earlier you establish whether you are pregnant or not the better. If you are pregnant remember you DO have choices, and YOU are the only person that knows what is best for you. The POWER program, a organisation based at Mabel Park SHS which provides counselling, case management, education support and on site creche for pregnant and parenting teenagers who want to finish their education (year 65, 66, 67)We would be happy to have other organisations or young parents visit the program. Get early detection, that is very important, and talk to someone you trust, who cares and that can help you. Im 66 years of age and just found out i am pregnant yesterday. Better yet, i also found out today i am 6 weeks.

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I have so many mixed emotions about whether or not i am ready and how im going to deal with it. My partner said he doesnt want anything to do with me if i decide to keep a baby( he doesnt know for sure yet, though im sure he is suspicious i am pregnant) I'd guess i'd like to know what im in for and how tough this is going to be. Hi Danielle - Feeling mixed emotions on finding out you are pregnant at any age is normal. Do you have anyone you can talk to? I've set up a whole section on teenage pregnancy (see our Teenage Pregnancy Section. )Hi, my name is Charlotte Knight and I am currently studying Childstudies as one of my year 67 subjects. For an investigative assignment I have chosen to research the impact that teenage pregnancy can have on a teenagers life. In particular I am interested in finding out the impact it has on the positives and netagives about teenage pregnancy and how it can impact their life For this assignment we are required to have a secondary source of information which is why any information you can tell me will be of a great help! If you have any information about teenage pregnancyor any statistics, that be mostly appreciated. Hi Charlotte - Why don't you explore our Teenage Pregnancy Section of our website. You will find answers to at least some of your questions. You sound like very good people, unfortunately I live in the U. S I am 65 and pregnant and need helpHi Kaylee - I am sorry but I do not know where you can go for help in the U. S. Are you able to talk to a doctor or health worker confidentially? They should know where the organisations are that may be able to help you.

My girlfriend thinks she pregnant and we don't no what to do if she is, were thinking about putting the baby into adoption but we don't now how much money it will cost in Canada. Hi Devon - I am wondering if you and your girlfriend are able to make an appointment with a midwife. A midwife should be able to explain what your options are and any associated costs. I'm sixteen years old I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant - I'm going to get a test on payday, haha. I've already decided abortion is not the option for me whether I'm pregnant or not I don't think I could put my baby up for adoption - so it looks like I would be keeping it. My boyfriend is twenty five I already have discussed with him my thoughts, as I was feeling weird what not. He's excited (which makes me a little worried that he'll be disappointed if the test shows up negative, but yeah). I am just looking for any decent sort of help as to what I'm meant to do (regarding appoinments that need to be made, etc. ), as well as someone to talk to throughout my pregnancy. Anyways, yeah. Cheers. : )If you test is positive you can make an appointment with a doctor or midwife - they will be able to confirm your pregnancy and discuss your options with you. Pregnancy Help Australia offers information and support. I`m sixteen and pregnant 7-8 weeks gone i really don't no what to do. I was in school 7 days in fifth year when I found out the news, I'm so scared i have no one i can talk to.

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My mam, sister and boyfriend are the only ones to no. My mam and sister are hoping i don't keep the child but, my boyfriend wants me to keep it they said what ever way i go the three will support me i don't think i could go through not keeping the child but, I'm also not strong enough to keep it and i don t think I'm ready. . They don't really understand at all i just don't no what to do: / can someone help please. ? I just turned 75 not long before i found out I was pregnant and decided to keep it now I'm 67 weeks and a I got made redundant and was relying on my partners job to support the three of us but he's job isnt reliable, I still want to keep this child but I's starting to stress out about finances as we were meant to buy our own house too, to be more independant and our current livinig situation where were renting is losing us more money than we can afford. Can you suggest anything to help? Hi I've recently just turned 65 and just found out that I'm pregnant, yesterday. I have know Idea what to do, and know idea how to tell my parents. My boyfriend was with me when I took the test and is sticking by me, even though he is older than me. I know things will be hard and difficult, but i FEEL that this has happened for a reason. Sorry for the delay in replying I just haven't had time in the last week or two due to a deadline writing a book. I'll answer Malisha to Eliza's questions in one post. Malisah there are a number of places that maybe able to help regarding your finances. You can speak to a social worker through Centrelink.

Phone 68 6799 to either speak directly to a Social Worker, or make an appointment to see a Social Worker at your local Customer Service Centre. Alternatively the Salvation Army offer financial counselling. To find out more visit their website. Liam and Eliza why don't both of you contact Pregnancy Help Australia for support. They have a 79 hour a day 7 days a week phone support. Hello, I am not a young mum, I am a registered nurse doing a sexual health course and investigating what help there is out there for young mums. This happened to my daughter when she had just turned 67, but while it was difficult for her for a few years, she is a good mum now, and has a beautiful 6 year old boy. If your heart is in the right place, and you have a lot of family support, it is not all bad. Most schools support young mums going back to school, it is really important to finiish your schooling so you can support your baby when you get back into it. The teachers were really great with her. JanetHi my name is Ayshen. I am a 88 year old single mum and my beautiful little girl is now almost 8. I have kept all of my daughters furniture in hope of having another child but things haven't worked out they way that I thought they would. Instead of selling what I have I would really like to offer it all to someone to hopefully releave the financial pressure of having to buy these things. I have a cot, change table/draws, high chair, porta cot, car seat, booster seat, sterliser, baby monitor, basenette etc all in beautiful condition. I am in Melbourne Vic.

Please let me know if you are insterest and I wish you all a healthy pregnancy. Ayshenim 66 and fell pregnant to a guys baby who i had a one night stand with. I was on the pill and was taking it everyday, we didnt use protection and we were both intoxicated. I was also 8 days before my ovulating stage, he said he didnt ejaculate but he did 'pre-cum' all those little bits of information were the things that make all of us think i cant fall pregnant because im not ovulating, i cant fall pregnant because im on the pill, i cant fall pregnant because he said he didnt ejaculate to any girls on this site that arnt pregnant please take everything i said into consideration as yes you can fall pregnant if these things occur to you it takes one sneaky sperm to ruin the rest of your life. I am now 77 weeks pregnant and having a baby girl. My babys daddy isnt sticking around because he didint want anything to do with her. Us girls need each other at this point in time more than we need anybody else. I'm 65 and I just found out I am pregnant, i have spoken with my mother about it, and she is not happy with the choice i have made. I really want to keep the baby because i feel it is my given right to make my own choices, i am against abortion and cannot bring myself to make that dreadful decision. I also discussed the matter with the father of the baby, is there any support groups or government benefits i can receive to help me raise the baby as i have decided to keep itHi Samantha - I suggest you make contact with Pregnancy Help Australia (see previous comments for the link to their website). They have lots of information that may help you. Hi, my name is tiarne, im 65 and i think im pregnant ive had all the signs, My boyfriend is 66 and he wants a child but i dont know how to tell him. Im also sceard to tell my perants as i dont know what they would do. Abortion isnt an option i find it wrong in so many ways, but i just need help! I have no idea what to do! !

I fell pregnant when i was 68 and was convinced by my parents to have an abortion even though i knew i would hate myself for it, i went ahead with it because i didnt want to upset my family. 8 years later, i am now 66 and my boyfriend and i are still together even though it has been a very tough few years, about 6 months after my abortion i was diagnosed with major depression. My boyfriend and i have become stronger through our experiences and plan to one day get married and have kids, since my abortion i feel there is a huge hole in my heart and even though i am extreamly happy i still feel this hole will not go away until i have a baby. I want a baby so much and dont want to upset my family but feel that i am ready and cant wait any longer.

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