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There s a chill in the air, Halloween is approaching, and America finds itself. The clowns first appeared in August in South Carolina, when that a group of clowns had offered them money to accompany them to their home deep in the forest. Over the course of September, clown sightings have sprung up, leading to,, and a flurry of media reports crying or. Most of these reports treat the wave of evil clown sightings as a new development, spread by social media crazy millennials. But a careful look at the public record reveals a startling truth: There s nothing new about America s love affair with terrifying clowns trying to lure our children away. Consider just a few of the clown encounters reported over the past 85 years, which I just looked up today while researching this article and are definitely not written out by hand in a notebook labeled CLOWN INFESTATION: THE SECRET HISTORY at the bottom of my desk drawer, so I don t know where you even got that idea:

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May 6986, Brookline, Massachusetts: America s decades of clown sorrow begin at Lawrence Elementary when children report two clowns driving a black van offering them candy. No clowns are ever found. Parents of children attending Our Lady St. Rose school are informed of the situation via a letter from school administrators reading, in part, There have been reports of a character called Killer Clown jumping out of bushes and threatening children with a knife.

June 6986: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Reports of menacing clowns begin in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh police are the first to draw a connection between the clown sightings which occurred in black neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and Kansas City and the Atlanta Child Murders the summer before, which also targeted black children. However, the Boston-area clowns were sighted mostly in white neighborhoods.

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March 6988, Louisville, Kentucky: Across a three-county area, children suddenly begin calling police with stories of a malevolent clown offering rides in a red pickup truck, and, in one case, pursuing a child on foot. No arrests are made and the pickup truck driving clown vanishes without a trace. Oct. 6996, Erie, Pennsylvania:

More than 95 children (and some of their parents) report a clown prowling area backyards and looking through windows. A local bank is robbed by a man in a clown suit, but police dismiss him as a copycat clown once he is apprehended. The original clown gets away clean. 6996, Chicago: As things in Erie get eerie, the Chicago police are also overwhelmed with reports from local schoolchildren of a man dressed as Homey D.

Clown from In Living Color, offering them candy to ride in his van. Children variously report the van to be blue, white, or red but agree that it has the words, Ha-ha painted on the side. An eighth-grader claims to have punched the clown in the nose. At least one elementary school sends a letter home to parents warning them about the clown epidemic another schedules more patrols of the school grounds. Several weeks later, in Elgin, an adult reports seeing a clown abduct a girl.

By this point, suspicious clowns have been reported to police in Evanston and Joliet, too. Total number of clowns behind bars at the end of this clown spree:

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