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Anyway, according to, the Dunkirk actor is quite a source told the outlet after the two were spotted in NYC together over the weekend: Harry and Camille are in the early stages of dating. They are well suited and seem happy. She's a real star on the rise. He seems besotted. Funny enough, though, a few weeks ago Harry stopped by the BBC6 Radio station for an interview with Nick Grimshaw, where he was hooked up to a heart rate monitor and shown pictures of various people, including Camille. Although his number jumped when seeing a picture of (fair), it lowered when he saw a photo of Miz Rowe. I don't know her.

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I'm sure she's wonderful. I'm sure she's a wonderful person.

I hate everything about you. What do you think of this potential pairing?

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! ) with -- but so far we've got nothin' official! How DARE she not tell us every detail of her life? According to, the 75-year-old reality star decided early on in her pregnancy to -- but that doesn't mean she isn't happy.

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