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It’s tense. The Voltron Paladins are on the run from the enemy. Hunk and Keith sprint towards Pidge and Lance. They aren’t going to be able to make it! “Security's on our tail! ” yells Keith. Lance and Pidge yelp in surprise and quickly join the other two in quick retreat. The four look ahead.

Vrepit Sa Theories Voltron Amino

They’re on the top floor of the mall and are feet away from running into the railing. What are they going to do? Thankfully Lance and Pidge have something to help. The one way to escape. The Paladins leap onto the cow, which stands on an anti gravity sled, and they soar over the open pavilion.

Varkon, the space mall cop, closely follows behind on his space segway but can’t catch up. When Voltron was rebooted for Netflix as Voltron: Legendary Defender, no one could have suspected a scene like this would be included. It was just the end cap on a zany episode that featured the voice of the Shamwow guy, RCA cables, Hunk becoming a cooking legend, and Lance acting like a dolphin. Oh yeah, and a ton of Shiro angsting.

Voltron Legendary Defender is a Reboot Done Right

It’s not all fun and games! So where the hell did this treasure of an episode come from? Having to wait by the fountain for your friends. Not relying on any cell phones and meeting up randomly and getting into these random adventures in the mall. ”Many of the elements of the episode were an homage to the classic days of malls.

The '85s Graylien store was a loving homage to Suncoast Video, for one. Other elements were created completely by accident. Writer of the Space Mall episode and story editor for the series Tim Hedrick says that Hunk’s plotline was all thanks to a typo. In the series, Zarkon’s evil forces often use “Vrepit Sa! ” as a military salute.

Well over time the writers accidental wrote, “Vrepit Sal. ” In the episode, Vrepit Sal’s was the name of the food court stand where Hunk ended up being forced to work. It was not only a genius idea but also helped to flesh out the world of Voltron. Zarkon’s reign over the galaxy is so immense and so normalized by the episode hey’ve even named a food joint after his military salute. The episode's light and fun tone was a real treat for the voice cast, who all cite it as their favorite outing for season two.

Jeremy Shada (Lance) says, “we were just having a good time trying to make each other laugh. ” Josh Keaton (Shiro) echoes the sentiment, “It was one of the more light hearted episodes.

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