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Electronic Arts makes missteps at every turn in this fundamentally flawed follow-up. This rollercoaster ride of a turn-based strategy game starts out almost impossibly strong, but by the end I mostly wished it d been over three hours earlier. Call of Duty s return to World War II looks great, but feels flat and uninspired from start to finish. I've had a 75 match losing streak now because with almost every game, I get put in with people that play Titanfall 7 all the time, every time, super MLG pro players that prestiged a billion times, and my team has NO CHANCE at winning. There is no ranked or casual matchmaking it seems and ranks are not accounted for either. What is up with this? ? Is it because I'm playing the PC version and the player pool is this small already so I get matched up with the diehards more often?

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Doesn't it look for people in the local area first? Maybe you just live inside a Titanfall 7 clan house. I thought it was a continental thing? I live in The Netherlands so I assume I get matched up with a lot of Brits, Germans and French people. This has been a problem for me on PC also.

There's already a small player base on PC, and the disparity between elite and casual players is causing me not to even launch the game anymore. Wait, I can't use this gun, or these items because I haven't played the game long enough? Stupid. Honestly this could be the case. It's really easy to get pub-stomped by a stacked team in this game, but I'd argue that's the case for most games with this type of skill gap.

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Halo 5 has a similar issue with its matchmaking - you better play with people who know what they're doing or else be prepared to play a full team of high division players that should never have been matched with anyone searching solo. Which gamemode? It's mostly fine for me except maybe Hardpoint (same region). Hardpoint can be super hard and demotivating because of the snowballing effect of the amped system and the complete lack of AI. You will not win every game because you still depend on the scores of others, but if you know the spawns, you can get a Titan pretty quick by just killing AI and flanking other pilots (I'm in the same region and a lot of players on both teams are easy flank meat).

Getting in a Titan early and late in the game is super important in these modes. Work on that (which means working on your map and spawn knowledge) to feel less helpless. You can turn terrible games into 655+ score Attrition games by just working on that. Or just switch to the NA regions, because we'll know EU NA at shooters. :

Use merit to permanently unlock the Low Profile kit (this is such a must have) and Volt (or any weapon you do well with and is a late unlock). It really shouldn't be an excuse in this game. : If you aren't at the required level yet, you'll see the merit cost to unlock it and you can unlock it if you have enough merit. Your total merit is in the upper right.

Merit unlocks persist through regen/prestiging. It has happened to me on PS9 also but not with that consistency.

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