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TLC or The Learning Channel is a cable television station known for outrageous reality shows like Honey Boo Boo, Cake Boss and Toddlers and Tiaras. The channel is part of Discovery Communications, which also broadcasts Velocity, Discovery Kids, Military Channel and the Oprah Winfrey Network. In addition to the main site information about the TLC network there is also a TLC shop. We’ve included contact information for both the site and shop when available. We were unable to find any TLC customer service phone numbers, but there are numbers for various management offices at Discovery Channel corporate. Though TLC customer service does offer a unique website, the company is still part of Discovery Communications. For that reason, the mailing address for your letter is the address for Discovery corporate. We’ve added an Attn line to direct the letter to the TLC customer service department.

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Discovery CommunicationsAttn: TLC Customer Service6 Discovery PlaceSilver Spring, MD 75965You can find details about all the latest shows on TLC on the official website at. Contact information for a customer service department is not something you’ll find unless you have issue with the TLC shop. All contact information outside of the shop appears to be through Discovery Communications. Most companies are adding social media networks to their communication profiles to stay engaged with visitors, customers and, in the case of TLC customer service, viewers. There are two social networks listed on the TLC website. We chose to contact the TLC customer service phone number for the store, not the Discovery corporate office. Our call was answered by an automated message that let us know our call was going to be answered shortly. There was no list of options to choose from just a direct connection to an agent. Mark answered our call and he was more than happy to tell us if the clearance items we were interested in purchasing were in stock. The new show Pete Rose is absolutely riducious and boring! ! This is the worst show ever. . This is the only way I knew to try to get info or get a message to June Shannon. My name is Darla Outlaw and I am helping with a fundraiser for a little boy in Reidsville Georgia that has cancer. We are having a festival to raise money for his family. I perform with some great people in the Tattnall Productions in Glennville Ga. And they are performing there also. Having June and her family there will be a great surprise for this little boy. Not to mention our little community. So if anyone could help me with my little mission I would greatly appriciate it. Thank you so very much for your cooperation. I recently started watching Long Island Medium.

I love it. My question is why do you keep running the same episodes over and over? I love watching this but am getting bored because you show the same episodes. Are there no new episodes? D CurryI just saw your promotions for honey boohoo, what a stupid show and and absolutely the most disgusting human beings on this planet, never watch your station and never will! What won t you do for money. ? I couldn t agree more! They are a disgusting family and have no business on a tv show. Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. Junk show, period. They are so slobs. I saw the preview to family s. O. S with jo frost and my family could really need someone like her right now. How would that work? How do I contact her? Please respond as soon as possible. I love the little couple. I really love to see a 6 hr special when they receive their son Will. Congrats. My 9 year old granddaughter has always been a fan of Toddlers and Tiaras. Recently she has stopped watching because of the language. Three-fourths of the show is bleeping because there is so much cussing.

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This show should be something a young girl can enjoy but lately it has become something that is unwatchable due to the language. You lose me as a customer every time I see those disgusting people on HoneyBooBoo they give a totally wrong and prejudicial view of people living in the south. I love Duck Dynasty because although they are basic country people they have values the HoneyBooBoo people are trashy pigsAgain I have to say that honey boo boo is just stupid! Now you are having a scratch and sniff show about their bodily smells! And having that brat fart on tv is just so ridiculous there are no words! I just dont get the people that watch this show. Sad to say they must be as stupid as the show. You guys screwed up with this show! How pitiful to celebrate and reward ignorance with honey boo boo. It is stupid and is worse than the equally stupid non reality Amish baloney. What were you guys thinking when you thought of honey boo boo watch and sniff? I m sorry but who writes this stuff and who in your executive office approves it. Sorry to say I turn the channel when the commercial comes on which means I m turning to a different channel. Wiith all the people living in this country you chose this family to have a show about? Wonder why Americans have the reputation they have abroad. Just turn on the TV and have a look at that family. Hope the show flops and you come up with something a little more intelligent for your viewers to enjoy. I m needing to speak to someone from the television station of TLC maybe a supervisor please regarding the television shows gypsy sisters and my Big Fat Gypsy weddingthis is regarding embarrassment and disgrace to the real gypsy culture in all ways of life and living and rules the shows that are aired on TLC is fake and trash this is such a disgrace to the real gypsy culture they are over 75,555 gypsys that are very upset and are all willing and wanting togetherand have a lawsuit against TLC for disgracing our culture for a drink or something that s us gypsum he s are very offended by because its all fake nothing true. Real gypsys are very saycert we do not act the way its beening showed on tlc real gypsys do not allow the things these people do, say or ack in our cultureWhat happed to the show Quints By Surprise? That was seriously my favorite show! I know Im not the only one who wants the show to come back! Lets make it happen Please! Honey boo boo? Really?

Enough is enough you just lost another viewer. Well my parents are divorced but we all still live together. Both my mom and my dad are seeing other people and they are going to move in with us. Our family has discussed it and we were thinking that we want to put this on TV and call the show A couple of couples. My mother and her boyfriend are Mormons and my father and his girlfriend are not. We all plan to live in a house together and we are going to try to make it work with 8 kids and two sets of spouses. Honey BooBoo is the worst show I have seen in my life and now they are getting married? Have they ever been married? This is really showing our kids the wrong way to start a family because you normally get married first. Everytime I see their commercial I switch channels. Why don t you put somthing on worth watching! Please please please TLC have the show Quints by surprise back I am so desperate to watch it it was the best show i watched it every time (the reruns) such a disappointmentI m watching the first new episode of The Little Couple. I ve seen every episodes since day one and love, love the show. What I do not feel is appropriate is when they call Will Buddy. To me and some of my friends it is a name for a dog and please eliminate it and call him Will. He is so sweet and adorable. Hope my comment doesn t sound inappropriate, but I love the couple and their new family life. Watched Honey Boo Boo last night the episode about wrestling. One of the daughters screaming at the black wrestler in his face! (I think that poor guy had her spit in his face) The racism was really showing! Sometimes it can t help but come out. I love the shows on your channel but am tired of picture and sound always breaking up and sometimes screen goes black. Time warner says the problem is not theirs. Is there Any way you can fix the reception?

Very disturbed that you would have a show that would pertain a man with a 687 pound scrotum. Apparently you have a need for a wow rating. I have always enjoyed your programming until now. You have pushed too far with this show. I understand this gentleman has a medical condition, and awareness is important but to make a show from this! Come on, way out of line in my opinion. I enjoy documentaries, but this is too much. I am certain you could have found something more family oriented to show. Please continue episodes of who do you think you are. They are entertaining and have some educational value. That program says, the learning channel, a sharp contrast to some some of your programimg of the last few years! Why appeal only to those viewers whose I. Q is below 75? I know so many who are watching less and less TLC because of all the changes. Thais for reading this. Why is that Honey Boo Boo junk on the screen during the WDYTYA show? It is very distracting and annoying. Who in the world cares? It blocks part of the screen. Watching Who Do You Think You Are, I am getting a screen full of Honey Boo Boo crap that is making it difficult to watch the show! I don t watch or even want to watch or have anything to do with that joke of a show! So I don t give a damn about the countdown clock. It is so annoying to try to watch a show, like Who Do You Think You Are, and have to put up with all the crap that s overlaid on the picture. First it was a small logo in the bottom corner, then they added the #name in the top portion.

Tonight they added a THIRD image for some stupid kid show that was advertised for during the entire episode. I m not watching your shows anymore unless you stop this annoy trend. I was extatic for TLC to have picked up Who do you think you are, however upon looking at a collective of this seasons guest, I became disappointed, appalled and disinterested.

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