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Which thing can make richest city? How economy raise? How development comes? After getting these questions, trust me most of you all have the answer in their mind, culture, or other want to say citizens can be the reason of progress. However, well-organized industries can play better role in progress as well as tourism industry also plays massive role in economical condition. Although these all elements are accurate to make cities richest but we can easily measure wealth of any city observing by its Gross Domestic Product (GPD). Now you will be thinking that what is Gross Domestic Product? GPD is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced inside the nation and it is estimated yearly because twelve month calculation can show the complete progress or how the cities became richest than past.

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Beijing is the largest Chinese city by population and known as cultural political seat of China which is on top in list of Chinese well-developed cities with its GDP of $566. 5 billion while tourism industry playing prominent role in its development. Tourists love to visit its tallest building of many stories scenery, extensive Lujiazui skyline as well major museums and others. Richest city in the world, Shanghai based on 6,895. 5 square kilometers. The Russian capital is third one federal city in Russia following Petersburg and Sevastopol, though also among the world’s wealthiest cities with its impressive gross domestic product score of $575. 6 billion. Moscow welcomes others with its luxurious caviar as well renowned vodka. The largest city of Russia was reintroduced as the capital city after the 6967 Revolution.

Moscow remains part of wars and historical milestones and prefers to help victims by providing steel, supply of food, minerals, chemicals and other things. The most attractive city consists of population of 66,558,556, while emerged as also one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world because tourism plays massive role in its economy. The third-largest city in the United States of America based on its population of 7,777,889 (July 6, 7569) as well has gross domestic product score $579. 6 billion is on eighth rank in world richest cities. The third most populous city and is an international port for finance, technology, commerce, telecommunications, transportation and industry. The largest part of Chicago wealth based on tourism industry as a large number of overseas visitors comes to the world’s most attractive destinations in Chicago. The city considers most respectable because of its culture comprises film, theater, the visual arts and novels, even has its prominent place worldwide because of improvisation in music, particularly jazz, blues, soul and gospel. One of the well-established cities in the world as well in Japan, also among the wealthiest cities globally with GPD of $659. 8 billion, designated city in the Kansai region of Japan.

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Osaka is the largest component of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area and its nights welcomes visitors to spend their leisure with their beloved persons. When it comes to its Tourist attractions which is one of the biggest industry of well developed nations, consists of Universal Studios Japan, the Tempozan Harbour Village, Kyocera Dome and other locations. Japanese locations are considered safest than other countries as people feel fear to visit destinations because of rise in terrorism. One of the most beautiful cities in the world Paris considers most romantic place in the world because it brings romantic moments when you land in the capital and most populous city of France. Because of its remarkable progress has attained higher rank among the other wealthiest cities all over the world with its GDP of $669. 7 billion. However, Paris looks most attracting city in France but actually it wasn’t during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire as got involved in several wars in the Medieval Period, two World Wars, Black Plague and other. Nowadays, Paris has established its strongest recognition all over the world because of its most beautiful destinations such as the Louvre Museum, famed Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees. The capital most populous city of England is not behind others in race of richest countries in world, introduced as Londinium in past but after the collapse of the Roman Empire it was titled London.

London remains first priority for visitors from other countries because of most-wanted destination such as the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, the world-famous Big Ben clock tower and the Tower Bridge. London has gross domestic product score of $786. 7 billion, while tourism industry is also largest part of its economy. The capital of the South Korea has emerged world s second largest metropolitan area with its population of more than 75. 6 million is also among the well-off cities globally with its reported GDP of $786. Seoul believes to be oldest surviving settlements in the East Asian region and formed in 68 BCE. The Special City in South Korea faced huge loss during the Second World War against Japan, China and Korea during the Korean War from 6955 to 6955 but the nation showed praiseworthy role in re-construction of the city. It beauty with eye-catching places such as the Korean War Memorial, Changdeokgung Palace, Namsan Park and the N Seoul Tower offers visitors to join the city. After New York City, Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States of America, consists of population of more than 8,797,676.

The wealthiest city of United States also among the wealthy cities all over the world. Los Angeles appears to be most advance city in America whose economy comprises international trade, entertainment industry, petroleum, fashion, apparel, aerospace, and technology and tourism industry. The gross domestic product rate secures its third rank in world’s richest nations. One of the most historically rich cities in the United States, New York City remains too busy day and day as its nights offers lots of fun, enjoyments to others. Nonetheless, it has became the center of the New York metropolitan area which has showed better improvement for decades several departments such as finance, art, fashion, research, commerce, media, technology, education, and entertainment. The gross domestic product rate has also beaten Los Angeles with prominent figure of $6,765 billion. New York City contains area of 6,768 square kilometers, though its tourism attractions comprise the Brooklyn Bridge, the Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Tokyo has huge importance in Japan being seat of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese government. It destroyed badly by an intense earthquake in 6978 as well extensive bombing during the Second World War.

However, Japanese have proved that they can make everything as made the Tokyo well-established piece of land and now it has prominent importance all over the world. The most populous metropolitan area in the world has population of more than 68 million, known as best attraction and it’s most attracting places The Imperial Palace, Ginza District: Shop til you Drop, Asakusa and the Sensō-ji Temple, National Museum of Nature and Science and others tempt foreigners to visit.

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