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*Excludes business, corporate, and government plans. Some conditions and exclusions applyHands down this is a great keyboard. It works instantly out of the box. I have had one for almost 7 years with no issues and just bought another. I have owned 7 of these k955 plus keyboards for the last couple of years and I have to say that they work relatively flawlessly. Both are used on media computers and both were purchased on sale. As you can imagine, the keyboard has been dropped a number of times as it is usually left on the couch, but still keeps working. I d buy another without hesitationExcellent Product, good for those people has TV box or if you attach your computer to your TV.

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Just bought an Nvidia shield this thing works like a charm, just plugged in the dongle and bingo love it bought it on sale I would have paid the full price works perfect. . 5 stars all the way. Never replace the mouse with this awful smooth pad. It drives us crazy. To be honest, I ve only used it for a weekend, but it does the trick. The touchpad is a lot more useable than the mouse I had on before and the fact that I can sit on the couch and use my computer is great. AND it installed on Ubuntu without any issues. Plug and play connection. Connects as soon as i witch it on. Used with chromebook plugged to TV. Easy to use + convenience hotkeys (left mouse click on top left - genius). Touch pad supports 7 finger scroll. The only upgrade to this model I would consider is the option for backlit and a larger touchpad but not if I have to sacrifice anything about what this product already is. Thank you Logitech. Great for my home theater pc. Range is decent enough to sit on couch 75 feet from my pc with no issues.

On sale frequently. The only thing I think its missing is a set of power control buttons to turn on the pc remotely. Otherwise the range and all other features as promised. I bought this keyboard for use with my nvidea shield pro android box. Using the controller that came with it is TIME CONSUMING! ! Using the arrows to type onto the onscreen keyboard is a pain, this Logitech keyboard runs flawlessly, and typing something in is fast and easy! The touch mouse is an added bonusBought to use with a Linux Kodi box I made for the Living Room. Works well right out of the box (keyboard and mouse)with Linux Mint although no advanced functions work. I was able to set a few shortcuts to regain those via Linux keyboard. I use this same keyboard for my other HTPC setup with Windows 65 and again works very well. I use a desktop computer with a TV as my monitor and I wanted to be able to enjoy watching things from a distance without having to have a keyboard and wireless mouse to keep track of, so this keyboard with built-in track pad was perfect. Highly recommended! Good for occasional use. Keyboard is not as nice as are in typical notebooks. Had an (otherwise) perfectly good laptop with broken screen, not worth replacing. I use this keyboard plus a USB wifi adapter to put the laptop minus screen in permanent HDMI hookup to a widescreen TV.

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The touchpad is first rate. Now I have a networked smart TV. Great for surfing web, watching Netflix, Youtube, networked photo albums & videos and playing music etc from my couch. And bonus, my laptop is recycled to a new life. I find the kb a little small, but it stores well on a nearby bookshelf until needed. It works as advertised & I highly recommend it for similar challenges. The one situation where a wireless keyboard is great. Which is why I dropped 6 star for 'Features'. This is a great little keyboard/mouse combo. I've been using it in the living room to control a media center PC. Nothing to configure, it just works. Battery life is excellent. It is a bit smaller than a standard keyboard so if you have large hands you might want to test it out in the store first. I got this product at half price as xmas deal. Besides the price, I am very satisfied with the performance. The wireless range is farther than expectation. I have tried from about 6 meters away and it still works properly.

The keyboard is light, quiet and responsive. The mouse pad is responsive and accurate. The only disappointment is the lack of sleep button that I need often. I was able to get this on sale a couple weeks ago I was afraid it would be too small at first (the keyboard section anyway) but it's actually the perfect size, for my hands anyway. The keys have just the right about of spring and are not squished or tiny. The touch pad section is quite bare with just the touch pad, left and right buttons, and volume buttons. But it's all good, at least it's not crammed with functions that one wouldn't use. I find the touch pad not sensible enough at times but I find it a minor issue. Love the overall feel of this keyboard. Would definitely recommend this (but only at sale price. )I used it mainly for searching on my TV streaming. Fantastic value well made. Conevenient. I'm using it on my laptop who's keyboard is not working. So it was very convenient for me. I absolutely love this keyboard. I purchased a second one and considering a third one for my parents when I see it on the next sale.

Only thing that would make this keyboard better is a scrolling wheel like on a mouse. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone especially for home theatre integrated computers. The remote that came with my android box was difficult to use and very timely! I purchased this keyboard to replace the remote and it's AWESOME! ,, fast, ergonomic, lightgot it on sale for [pirce] so cant complain. Got it for my streaming tv box. Works great. Only issue is that its a black keyboard and really hard to use when watching tv in dark room. Definitely recommend itI use this keyboard for searching on my streaming device and it is a fantastic keyboard. Easy to use and the keys have a nice feel to them. Bought to substitute for a poorly working acer laptop keyboard. Works as advertised. Very easy setup. Nice feel to keys and like small compact size. Appropriately offer of functions as a substitute keyboard. Two minor issues keypad a little too sensitive (might be able to adjust through SW but have not tried yet) and would like feet at back to raise it al little - both pretty minor. If you can't find the setting, try searching the web for your browser name (Chrome, Firefox, etc.

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