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In the winter, men trudge through snow to be with each other, in the summer, men leave the woods with ticks clinging to their legs. This article is 8 years old, I should point out. Also, I think this kind of 'underground' sex will die out eventually. I love, love, love sex on the sly with a stranger. Nothing hotter. If he's wearing a wedding ring. . Now that's the BEST.

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I cringed about the guy going back to his car where his kids were waiting. Nice. The whole piece had this weird intensity to it, trying to normalize or even romanticize getting off in a public toilet. Then at the end it says the author does porn, so it makes sense. Gross and sad. No wonder people are still getting infected. No self respect or morals. He says a dude tried to come on to in. A restroom when he was 65. Way to perpetuate the stereotype of gay men as predatory pedophile freaks. R8 and he ran out of there? Yeah right, he sucked the jizz out of that man's cock. Porn stars are liars! Oh now, it would take a very short memory and a good bit of selectivity to view gay cultural space as tuxedoed men at HRC fundraisers (the organization or the candidate) or the smartly composed NYT gay wedding photos of the well-heeled and well-scrubbed or those dickless, sexless buffoons on Modern Family on some post-gay gathering where race and ethnicity and age and class and sexual orientation have no bearing, like the photoshoot of a launch for some new Apple product. You don't think you have to go too many chapters or even pages back in gay history before sad and pathetic notes start cropping up? I don't think this is that much different from online hookups, just less judgmental in terms of the factors listed by r65. The necessary furtiveness of yesteryear still exists for some men for others, it holds an element of excitement. Conner Habib (see link) taps into both facets in this piece, which I rather enjoyed for its honesty. I gotta say, though, that complaining about the cops is too much. Kids use the restrooms and shouldn't have grown men wagging their dicks around at the urinal. Vulnerable adolescents may be hot and horny, but they are still kids, and public restrooms shouldn't be the site of implicitly condoned seduction of them. I guess I find the idea of a rest stop hookup kind of hot in a taboo way, but then, I find crawling around on a public bathroom floor too yucky, and I don't have a thing for outdoor sex. I just LOVE the new DL format where there is NO MORE NSFW feature. Every picture loads automatically. The scent of stale urine. The wafting perfume of fecal matter pervading the room.

The billions and billions of germs crawling over every surface of the bathroom. Sounds really hot. R65, I am so glad that was before my time, dude. Sounds gross and pathetic. No wonder so many suicides. Marylin Monroe ate me out in a public restroom in 6958. Top that, bitches. I made a pit stop at a rest stop in OH or MO, and did my business. While i was washing my hands, i noticed a guy looking at me and beating off. The restroom was not crowded but i wasn't really into him so i left to get myself a soda or something. When i got to my car I saw the man getting into driver's seat of his car and there they were - his wife and kids (i'm assuming). There was something really sad and tragic about that mental picture in my head. I don't cruise restrooms. Ever. It's one thing if it's just a single horny guy, but when it's a closet-case who's married. ? My friend Tommy was 85 when he was shot in the head and murdered in a Tennessee rest stop. He was born & raised nearby. Perhaps this was the only place to meet guys in the area, but I have no idea. I don't know much about it, other than this. I still have his letters. [quote] I cringed about the guy going back to his car where his kids were waiting. Years ago I worked in the mens department of a large department store. One morning some guy came in and went to try on a pair of swimming trunks. He asked me to get him another color, and when I did, he opened the door to reveal his fully erect dick. I got down on my knees and took his load within minutes.

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While he was getting dressed, I went back out onto the sales floor, and down the escalator into my department comes a woman with two small kids. I asked if she needed help and she said she was looking for her husband. Out of the fitting room comes the the guy, greets his wife, hands me back the swim trunks, and says, I'll take the blue ones, as if nothing had happened. I played it cool, as did he, but I had to shake my head, watching as the happy family walked away, and one of the kids reached up and took daddy's hand. The same hand that, minutes before, had been on the back of my head. Has anyone seen Marcus? Golly, I've been waiting in the car TWO hours! Jiminy Crickets! Who cares if they are married? Bisexuals should marry other bisexuals or understanding hetero women, but those are far and few between. Good christ, it's only sex. Even our Victorian great-grandparents weren't this bad. R77 I'm also surprised by all the puritanical Church ladies posting here. So what? A man cheats on his wife. It happens. Big deal. Maybe has a double life but manages it all. The Walt Whitman on I-95 in NJ has the added bonus of Cinnabon wafting through the HVAC. Old Walt would approve of rest stop adhesiveness. Well, judge all you want, but this used to be one of the ways men connected, and in isolated places that aren't gay-friendly, it still is one of the few outlets. I did similar things at college, though not a hundred times. Straight people do similar things in millions of small towns and even call it cruising but because it's boy/girl and happens in the back seats of cars (after they drive around in a circle for hours) it's OK. I'll leave them to their humanity. I *will* say that I am glad that the world no longer thinks this is what ALL gay men do. We are not a monolith.

Taken as a group, we're as diverse, quirky and flawed as everyone else. The New Jersey Turnpike is considering changing the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop to honor Jim McGreevey, since it was his favorite. [quote] I'm also surprised by all the puritanical Church ladies posting here. In the last few years, the prime DL demographic has somehow become the caftan wearing fifty-something queen, who lives in a modest studio or in her mother's basement, shops at Aldi's, treats herself to McDonald's once a week, and still has all her favorite 75s and 85s TV on VHS. This is a person who never, ever, EVER got laid with any consistency -- if ever -- so their only possible reaction to someone having sex, especially doing it WITH THE LIGHTS ON, is a hissing, pearl-clutching condemnation worthy of Sister June, the Church Secretary and Usher Board Deaconess. This phenomenon has existed since the beginning of time, and it will last forever. It satisfies a need. Go ahead and form a committee to shut down your local tragic, disgusting location. They will find another one, probably by sunset. I find it gross, DANGEROUS and absolutely disgusting but, hey, to each his own. You risk being murdered, AIDS, STD's, being stabbed, getting lice or god knows what. Some crazy man could just bite your dick right off, too. AND you risk it being a vice cop and getting arrested. Charged with solicitation or some trumped up charge. Public indecency. Even if it turned me on, I would never take that risk. Jeez, if you are that horny, just jack off at home. Then again, different strokes. R9 That would be Ohio. It got so bad here in the Buckeye state that all the roadside rest stops were remodeled, no privacy to suck. If you want public bathroom sex in ohionow you have to go to Beachwood Place Mall. THe bathrooms are very predatory, which is why I stay out of that mall. Oh, piss off you uptight bitches. Just because you hook up in a bar or online and the guy is SUPER CUTE doesn't mean you can't catch something if you're not careful. There used to be a website that listed all the places for public sex in the U. S.

By state, and the world by nation. It was a fascinating read about men's experiences in rest stops, adult book stores, parks, etc. Is the website still around? Along Rte. 8 in MA, from Burlington to Nashua, NH, there were several rest areas in the 6995's that were extremely popular for cruising. No matter when you pulled in to one, there would be guys there looking to play, many of them hot. R89 There still is a site. Looking for Sex? Cruising for Sex? Something like that. It gives the rundown of cruising places, and used to give little warnings if the cops were busting a particular place. There was guy who used to collect urine from public urinals so that he could drink it. He believed that drinking urine (from young men) would keep him young and virile. New Canaan rest stop on the Merritt parkway in CT was NOTORIOUS for hooking up. Here is a short film called Caught highlighting the risks of rest area hookups. The kind of thing that reinforces the fear of r89. It is set in the early 65s, but if you update the car models, it has a familiar look. I know at least 7 rest areas where there are always at least a couple cars scattered across the lot with single men sitting/chilling in them. If it makes you feel better to believe that, R87, et al, go ahead and believe it. Some of us have self respect. Some of us are reclaiming it. Some of us understand that how we treat each other and how other people treat one another actually matters a great deal. You lot are probably the first to scream about the wealthy paying their fair share of tax, yet you demonstrate no understanding that how we treat one another matters as much in what we don't pay for as what we do. Why are the sex positive whores so rude? You'd think being friendly would come naturally to them. I guess I don't much care.

If man want to get off this way. Go for it. For married men it sounds like it works. Why are so many of you worried about what other men do with their wiggly bits?

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