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In the winter, men trudge through snow to be with each other, in the summer, men leave the woods with ticks clinging to their legs. This article is 8 years old, I should point out. Also, I think this kind of 'underground' sex will die out eventually. I love, love, love sex on the sly with a stranger. Nothing hotter. If he's wearing a wedding ring. Now that's the BEST. I cringed about the guy going back to his car where his kids were waiting.

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Nice. The whole piece had this weird intensity to it, trying to normalize or even romanticize getting off in a public toilet. Then at the end it says the author does porn, so it makes sense. Gross and sad. No wonder people are still getting infected.

No self respect or morals. He says a dude tried to come on to in. A restroom when he was 65. Way to perpetuate the stereotype of gay men as predatory pedophile freaks. R8 and he ran out of there?

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Yeah right, he sucked the jizz out of that man's cock. Porn stars are liars! Oh now, it would take a very short memory and a good bit of selectivity to view gay cultural space as tuxedoed men at HRC fundraisers (the organization or the candidate) or the smartly composed NYT gay wedding photos of the well-heeled and well-scrubbed or those dickless, sexless buffoons on Modern Family on some post-gay gathering where race and ethnicity and age and class and sexual orientation have no bearing, like the photoshoot of a launch for some new Apple product. You don't think you have to go too many chapters or even pages back in gay history before sad and pathetic notes start cropping up? I don't think this is that much different from online hookups, just less judgmental in terms of the factors listed by r65.

The necessary furtiveness of yesteryear still exists for some men for others, it holds an element of excitement. Conner Habib (see link) taps into both facets in this piece, which I rather enjoyed for its honesty. I gotta say, though, that complaining about the cops is too much. Kids use the restrooms and shouldn't have grown men wagging their dicks around at the urinal. Vulnerable adolescents may be hot and horny, but they are still kids, and public restrooms shouldn't be the site of implicitly condoned seduction of them.

I guess I find the idea of a rest stop hookup kind of hot in a taboo way, but then, I find crawling around on a public bathroom floor too yucky, and I don't have a thing for outdoor sex. I just LOVE the new DL format where there is NO MORE NSFW feature. Every picture loads automatically. The scent of stale urine. The wafting perfume of fecal matter pervading the room.

The billions and billions of germs crawling over every surface of the bathroom.

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