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In my last post I covered at. This time I wanted to cover other types of questions that have sent people here. As a side note, I had always thought that the Match. Com 6-month guarantee came free with the standard 6-month plan but it is actually a separate plan (that costs a dollar more per month than the standard 6-month plan). I suspect this had been changed at some point but it s only a dollar more per month so I guess it isn t a huge problem. Match also has a promotion where you can get of any of their standard plans. I believe that this would work with the 6-month guarantee but it s not clear to me if it would work with the 7-day trial. If you decide to try this be sure to follow the instructions on the sign up screen in the link above.

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Hi I found this very useful, thank you. Just one additional question though if I hide my profile and then look at someone else s profile, but then consequently un-hide my profile, will I then show up in their Who s Viewed Me section? Thanks in advance. That s a good question although I m not sure of the answer! You can then hide, view my profile, unhide and I ll let you know if I see anything 🙂Elle, actually I did have the answer to this (it s in the What Happens When I Hide My Profile question). If you hide it and view a bunch of profiles, whenever you unhide those views WILL show up for the people you were viewing. If you want to avoid people knowing that you viewed their profile forever for some reason, the only solution might be to have a second account that you always keep hidden and use to view profiles (although I can t really think of too many reasons to go this length! )I have changed my match. Com profile to private, or hidden, over 6 months ago, as I am no longer actively looking and I am no longer a paying subscriber. I don t want to totally delete it, so if I ever needed it again, I don t have to start from scratch. Com saying someone has winked at me or favorited me, when I check my profile it s public! I am NOT and have not changed it back to public status, does match do this on their own from time to time? Hey Annie my wife actually had the same problem after we had been dating. She started getting contacts again and didn t understand why and then saw her profile was re-enabled. The only thing we could think was that she had logged back in at one point and perhaps that had re-enabled her account automatically. Obviously that shouldn t happen but that was our best guess. I will say that after she set it to hidden the second time we didn t have any problems going forward. So I deleted/canceled my account on Match will they really take my profile down? How can I make sure I am gone for good on this site? Great post, Brad, thank you very much. Here s my question to you or anybody who knows the answer: Can I change the feature on Match that shows other users that I m online now?

That makes me nervous. , at this second, because other users know I m there. Hey Walt I looked into it and you can t turn that feature off. Match. Com states that this feature brings value to their users so they don t allow you to turn it off. I do understand where you re coming from but I guess I understand where they re coming from too. One big complaint I hear from people is the claim that all of the profiles on such-and-such a dating site are dead and the person that created it doesn t even use the service. With the online now feature, it does reveal that a service has a lot of active members. I m curious about the online now feature on match. Com. I have been seeing someone for a few months and he seems to always be online even though he will be texting me and telling me he s on his way to work, etc. Could he actually NOT be on match but show online? I agree with the comment about match. Com showing online status when the users are not going online. I was dating someone who accused me of being online. We logged on to my profile at her house. It showed she had been online with the last 79 hours. But she had been on holiday with her daughters for 8 days! We laughed. But i really think match are doing it on purpose to attract people in to the site. I noticed my current girl friend online within the last 79 hours this weekend. But i was only checking on her to see if she had taken her profile off.

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I had disabled mine previously. I might ask her to drop hers like mine as a statement of good will. I dont think she had. My advice is to remove your picture off the site and update your profile to say that you are dating someone special if you really want to show your partner the honesty and integrity you possess. And avoid conflict. Denise I do think Match sometimes can show people online when they re not. I think this could have to do with how the web browsers work or just a glitch in their system. I say this because a few months ago a guy contacted me and he was angry with Match. Com and was telling me they are a bunch of liars. He was saying this because when he logged in at 5AM before work there were something like 5 pages or people showing online (according to him). My thought is that Match. Com wasn t trying to trick him, their system is just imperfect. So I wouldn t read too much into him showing as online. If you start dating exclusively and he doesn t take his profile down, I would find that more concerning. But when I go to alternate locations away from him via WiFi it has not up me online status. IF SO it maybe possible to setup your computer to block as well. Of course this is theory. Again, this is my best interpretation of the system. The moment I figured this out and my account has gotten to the 79 hour/8-day point, I received easily double the amount of contacts. Online now may be intimidating. Soooooooooooooooo glad I found this thread today. I was cheated on before in a very traumatic fashion, started dating this guy who travels a lot but seems to make every effort to keep in touch with me.

I asked him about it- he said he didn t know and I ve been experiencing much the same how is this possible sentiment. Also, if you have trouble with that Match. To do this: I have gone to Match s website and not logged on. I searched my Match name and it shows me online now. Com it signals online now and latches it on for at least one hour maybe more. They may be writing to a file on your hard drive, and reading that when you enter their site. I haven t figured it out exactly yet, but will. If I ve favorited a person, and now I can t view their profile, what does that mean? Does that mean that they ve taken their profile down? Or does that mean they ve blocked me? Kent I can t be 655% sure but my best guess would be that they hid their profile (or possibly deleted their account). What seems most plausable to me is that they met someone but forgot to take their profile down. When they saw someone new expressing interest in them it would prompt them to remove their profile. That s my best guess. Of course, I guess they could block you but that seems like a pretty extreme step to take just because you added them as a favorite and it wouldn t be my first guess as to what s going on. How do you clear out names you don t want to see anymore from all the different categories? ( favorites, winks, I viewed, they viewed, etc? )What does online now mean in match. What is the difference between IM. I cant seem to contact those who are online but not on IM. Hey Charlie I m not sure you can actually do that.

I would suspect that favorites would just be a flag on the profile that you would remove but clearing out who you viewed or who viewed you sounds like something that would stick around. I can look into it but if any other readers know the answer to this that would be a big help! At the top right of the profile, you can see an x icon. Hold your cursor over the x and you will see remove appear when you click the x. A pop-up box will come up and ask if you are sure you want to remove and it will show yes or no continue. My question is if you mistakenly hit yes and that was not what you wanted to do how do you get the profile back? If you hover over the gear in the upper right, then pick settings, you should see a section where you can unblock people (it should show you the full list you have blocked and you can change it). AWS78 online now should mean what you would expect it to (that they are visiting the website and you should be able to contact them). However, I ve had several readers complain to me that the online now feature isn t perfect and will often show people as online after they have left. I suspect that is what you are seeing (unless there s an option to turn off IM which I m not aware of)When it says online now, does that mean they are on-line at Match. )? Is my (unhidden) profile searchable for non-members? I sort of remember that I initially posted an incomplete profile, did not pay for a while, but still received daily matches, even before I finalized the profile and paid my dues. I do not have a problem with match. Com members viewing my profile, but I would mind if outsiders can perform a random search for all males of a certain age in a specific area to see if people they know are on match. Thanks for your take on that. Stefan I believe someone would need to create a profile first however they wouldn t have to be a paying member. A few years ago when you went to Match. Com you could search right away before you had a profile (if I m remembering correctly, at least). So I think at one time what you describe would have been a concern but today I don t think it be. I just went to Match and tried to do a search as a non-member (well, no logged in at least) and it looked like it was going to let me search but at the first page of search results it forced me to create an account. Hi Stefan, thanks for being here for us newbies.

My question is, how can you take someone off your favorites list?

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