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I had originally planned last year to write, but The Rules Do Not Apply threw a spanner in the works. I had no idea how to write about it, much less review it. The author,. As further proof for why 7568 is going to be the year of blogging, two of the comments are from people who actually know about the old disks! You have a couple of disks from Doug Fairbairn, who was also in Lynn Conway s group. Morten Rand-Hendriksen s talk and demo on Gutenberg from WordCamp US is an excellent overview of where it is, where it could go, and some VR stuff thrown in there for fun. Definitely worth the watch. Here s what I ended up reading this year, in roughly chronological finishing order.

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(I usually have 8-9 books going on at once. )A fairly random selection, and hopefully I can get a few more in next year.

Politico has, which started because a 6955 Sears department store ad had a digit wrong — and was instead the direct line into the secret military nerve center in Colorado Springs, Colo. , where the Pentagon was on the lookout to prevent nuclear war.

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Fast Company Design has written , about John Maeda s work pairing some of the top designers in the world with students in Paintsville, Kentucky. James Beshara has a, namely one where human/brain interfaces like can more directly transmit thought between people than the medium of language allows today.

After reading the essay I wonder if people s thoughts or the neural pathways they activate, if they could be directly transmitted into another brain, would actually make any sense to someone else with a unique internal set of pathways and framework for parsing and understanding the world. The essay assumes we d understand and have more empathy with each other, but that seems like a leap.

It seems likely the neural link would need it own set of abstractions, perhaps even unique per person, similar to how. Today , and directly brain-transmitted memes seem especially risky for appealing to our base natures or causing.

But perhaps a feature of these neural interface devices could counteract that, with a command like tell me this piece of news but suppress my confirmation bias and tribal emotional reactions while I m taking it in.

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