Burgundy winemaker Dominique Derain’s first attempt to make champagne (with the Pinots of champagne grower Valérie de Marne) and the result is, of course, highly seductive and con- vincing – and oh so Pretty in Pink! An old legend returns. Pascal Agrapart's top cuvée from his best field in Cotes de Blancs and named after his old horse Venus. The vines are old giving the Champagne lots of fruity flavors and a buttery mouth feel. It is all balanced out with a chalky minerality making this a God damn good Champagne. Produced in Reims, with equal parts of all three champagne grapes and then added a 55/55 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay as re- serve wine. It is amber in colour and has a wonderful bready nose, light fruity avour with hints of peach and red currants and a deep dry nish with gingerbread and a touch of cinnamon. This Rosé de Saignée is produced with the Pinot Meunier grape variety which comes from plots situated in“Les Beaudiers”and made in the classic method.

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Dry and chalky no-nonsense wine for serious drinking with great balance of red fruit like red currants, cranberries, raspberries and even cherry. When you pop, you can’t stop!

Bigger is better! Hailing from a small family farm in the southernmost region of Champagne on the mountain of Montgueux.

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This Champagne will get the party started. A true viognier with no interference from the wine makers, they let the wine speak for it self in all its glory.

A fruity, steely and acidic wine from the more picturesque end of the Rhone. 655 % biodynamic “naturally no less”Gamay always makes people sing once they’ve had the right amount.

So say “Tra La La” and be ready for a cheeky bio-Gamay from the geeks at Domaine de la Garrelière. You might even be singing in French later.

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