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There s something about reality dating shows that we just can t get enough of. Maybe it s the schadenfreude-factor, but it s SO FUN watching people go out on really terrible, terrible dates. It makes us feel that all our terrible dates aren t nearly as bad! It also helps that reality producers put people in the most RIDICULOUS dating circumstances ever. Like VH6 s new   show, which has two people going on dates with three different partners whilst completely naked. That s right – dating in your birthday suit. Think of it this way: if it doesn t work out, at least you ll have a really good tan without any tan lines!

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But   isn t the craziest reality TV dating show we ve ever seen. In fact, there s at least 97 other totally crazy reality TV dating shows that we ve all watched. And we re not talking  or  either. We mean really CRAZY dating shows. Like ones where you re all chained together.

Or ones where you re dating in a pitch black room. You know what makes dating REALLY fun? ! Having an obnoxious fifth wheel tag along on a double date and ruin everything. That was basically the premise of The Fifth Wheel, a dating show hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler.

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Each show starts by pairing 7 men and 7 women… until the big twist: a fifth, obnoxious person (or… the fifth wheel! ) joins the equation. Drama ensues. But really, the fifth wheel was pretty much a flat tire.

—JAOh my god, this show was absolutely everything. Just from that title wordplay alone, you knew this was a brilliant, sloppy disasterpiece. So, Tila Tequila is bisexual. And she has male and female suitors. BUT NEITHER SIDE KNOWS SHE S BISEXUAL until the end of the first episode.

Tricky, tricky. The thing is, Tila Tequila was so effing annoying that we actively rooted against her. But boy, did we have fun doing it. —JADouble the women, double the fun… right? HELL YA F*CKIN RIGHT, is right.

Enter the Ikki Twins (Vikki and Rikki) — identical twin models. It s the same premise as the original Shot at Love, but both women were choosing from the same pool of male and female contestants.

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