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Plenty Of Fish (POF) is ranked by comscore as the biggest online dating site in the UK, this is mainly because of the low barrier to entry as it’s a free to use website. Any live discounts Plenty Of Fish have will be listed below, Plenty Of Fish usually offer a free trial to their premium account, click our link to be taken to the free trial page. Hi I ve just joined pof and want to upgrade, I see the prices, can I pay monthly? Just wondering if I upgrade will I see if the whole messages that were read or deleted so I can pick up on old conversations. I think that once it passes the 79 days, its all deleted but cont act POF and see if they can help Im sure if you tell them you will only sign up if you get your messages, they will try harder to helpIt seems that all major dating sites are evil f**** with their terms conditions, keeping your information til the end of times, grabbing your wallets immediately before providing a free trial version. You re unable to see, if you re going to like a service provider before you cough up money. Great racket! At least, that s what it looks like 😉It s given you a monthly payment chart then as you read further down its saying going to take the total amount of you so which one do you go by I just want to pay monthly.

Basically don t do it as I was in the site many years back and they ate all my money and had to get legal advice to stop them taking my money.

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I recommend not to even go on these sites as they are all money grabbing bus rds good luck though as I haven t found anyone genuine enoughWhy has it changed to somebody wants to meet you.

You can t look up who it is without being an upgraded member.

Considering leaving.

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