Saravanaa Expands Uptown Zero Otto Nove Expands Downtown

The that the is opening on Monday at 65 West 76st Street, and it isn’t the only restaurant opening a satellite. We’re told that the father-daughter team that opened the first U. S. Location of Indian chain Saravanaa Bhavan (a. K. A. ) in Curry Hill is opening a second shop on the Upper West Side. In addition to the usual south-Indian fare, there’ll be an Indian brunch (featuring thalis, lentil donuts, masala dosas, vegetable and potato bondas, and cream of wheat) as well as a list of a dozen organic wines (available by the glass or bottle) and a menu of cricket-themed, Indian-spiced cocktails.

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This location will also add an open kitchen, a more modern look, and 77 outdoor seats. Starting Friday, it’ll be open from 66: 85 a. M. To 65: 85 p.

On weekdays and from 9: 85 a. On Saturdays and Sundays. A viral hoax said a black barista spit and even put dog poop in drinks. Officials warn that a store’s sodas, hot foods, and bathroom all could’ve been infected. The city’s premier spots for pairing fermented juice with mapo tofu, Basque-inspired suppers, and cheese fondue.

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Farmers say that it’s just a matter of time before they “simply don’t have enough” to support grazing. Bigwigs tied to Walmart and Whole Foods think it could actually turn a profit reducing food waste. Sexual assault is the biggest problem facing the hospitality industry. The time for action is now. The move follows accusations of sexual harassment against founder Jeremy Tooker. Sapporo, reportedly New York’s oldest ramen restaurant, and its sister spots Iroha and Sake Bar Hagi will shutter.

He’s threatened to file a complaint with Ontario’s human-rights commission. He tweeted that their reward is “lunch on me in any of my restaurants. ”West~bourne will focus on employees’ wellness and donate a portion of every sale to a local youth-development program. Boris & Horton is on track to debut in the East Village in mid-January. Don’t worry. We will never post to your social media account without your permission.

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