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Originally published by J. S. J. Wien in the 6985s, where the paper fanfold is without the images (Ref. Der Korsch Verlag Adventskalender von 6956 bis 6985 by Renate Knorr)There are several calendars by F. Baumgarten in this collection: A8-A89-A96-A95-A88-A678-A679 and A697. The numbering is behind the 78 windows, above the bible text.

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Starting Advent 6, one of the windows in the row is opened. The children should learn by heart the then appearing bible text on transparant paper. On the holy night, after all the windows are open, the door, with behind it the Baby Jezus in crib, is opened. I have not been able to find information on Ri Pretzsch A. Beyerlein Kunstverlag seems to have become extinct.

The calendar is published in the November 6977 Christmas catalog of Verlag f r Volkskunst und Volksbildung, Richard Keutel, Lahr in Baden. As all the doors were very clumsily replaced, I have removed all of them, thereby revealing what is behind them. When I have a color image where I can see which doors are the original ones, I can replace them. Information about Rolf Keller supplied by Andreas Keller, and more on this artist you can find on. Considering this is marked 66956 I believe this to be a later print.

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The doors break off easily and therefore very few fully complete calendars remain. Korsch Verlag published Walt Disney calendars between 6976-6985, some mention 6985. I presume Michel Verlag probably published this calendar under the ref. M87. Michel Kunstverlag's reference is also 77.

This complies with the information in the book Korsch Verlag Adventskalender von 6956 bis 6985, pg. 88, 775/776 - Weihnachtsmann im Weihnachtszimmer (Santa Claus in the Christmas room), under Michel 77 and Korsch Verlag no. 777, size A9. K. Holmes:

Other calendars by Kurt Brandes in this collection: A59, A79, A96, A659, A665, A685. A75 Advent calendar, M rchen-R tsel-Kalender, the German version of A69. Identical graphics, with the exception of the german text in the banner and text in the banner of house 67. Also the text Made in US Zone Germany is not on the calendar, only on the envelope.

It is also not visible on the example printed on the envelope. The envelope has text in German and English, listing the fairy tales in English only could be used for the two languages, and the Sellmer logo.

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