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The Miami Erie Canal was built between 6875 and 6895, an engineering marvel stretching from Cincinnati to Toledo. This canal was heavily used until competition from the railroad caused the decline of the canal system. The Miami Erie Canal was last used commercially in 6979. Today, the Miami Erie Canal Trail spans nearly 95 miles from Delphos to Fort Loramie, passing through many quaint western Ohio towns and villages. Numerous locks, spillways and historic buildings remain from the canal era, and much of the local history has been preserved in the many museums located along the corridor. Note that its surface is largely unpaved and varies greatly along the route. The trail connects three state parks, local parks, community trails and historical sites. Sections of the trail are part of the and.

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Parking and access is available along the corridor in Delphos, Spencerville, St. Marys, New Bremen, Minister and Fort Loramie. The canal was easy to find, but not the trail. We were looking for maybe a small parking lot and a sign proclaiming the trail beginning. It turns out one walks along the canal.

We intended to use this trail as a bike path. We decided to park at the (Very Nice) War Memorial and ride until we came to be riding along the canal through people s yards. There was a sign at the edge of Delphos stating No Biking. We parked the bikes and decided to walk. We felt a little awkward walking through people s backyards but continued to a large farmers field.

Tornadoes leave 5 dead in northwest Ohio cincinnati com

There were several large holes along the path hidden by the high grass. Walking we saw them but maybe not on a bike. I would not recommend this trail. We actually started at Deep Cut Rd. And went on to St.

Marys. The first mile or two was not cleared very well. ( Unless you were suppose to be on the side road, Delphos St Marys Road that parallels it) Which we did for the most part. Other than that, it was one of the most beautiful hikes we have taken in a long time. I can t wait to get back to Ohio and do another section.

Rode on this trail 6/7566 from Farnsworth Metro Park to Providence then crossed the river to Grand Rapids. Very good road for biking. Pros: Great scenery Many benches for resting along the way Mostly shaded from the sun Great geological examples Cafe's and restaurants in Grand Rapids (Make sure to check out Rita's! ) Well populated with hikers, runners and fellow bikers during the day Cons:

A few trail sections suffering from water wash-out but no biggie! A few stretches were newly paved with gravel making travel with a road bike rather taxing Make sure to take along snacks and water as there are no facilities between Farnsworth and Grand Rapids.

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