4 Types Of Bargain Bin Pussy That You Should Avoid

Veganist dating

Redpiller6985 is a dude who has been taught the red pill thanks to the greats like Roosh, El mech, and many countless other RVF contributors. Here is his twitter, if you have any questions or comments to send to him. If you want to talk about using my services to promote redpill ideas. Typical “modern” women all market themselves as a premium product, yet our insights from game inform us that their premium is simply a contrived label for which they expect to command inflated prices. It’s how they’re conditioned to behave by their doting fathers who in turn were browbeaten by feminists wives into believing their daughters would grow up to become abused whores if Daddy didn’t tell them they were beautiful, perfect princesses every day of their lives. I ve learned how to identify when the products these women offer (pussy) is not in good condition. This first group obviously merits discount, and they should know it. Does any man with a high school education in biology want to date somebody whose loins yield disabled fruit?

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The kids being raised by a single mother already have to deal with bad parenting on average. Add to the fact that the kids are disabled just means she will have an obsession with whatever disorder that kid has. That s why there s a ton of pseudo-science around about what causes autism. Some people want to proclaim that vaccines are the problem. When in reality it is not-so-optimally sperm combined with not-so-optimally egg.

When you date a single mother with a disabled kid you are forced to become an advocate. That means going to these symbolic walks which is just an excuse to be able to go outside the house without people judging your parenting skills. Single mothers also tend to have the worst-behaved disabled kids compared to couples and even single dads. I know that I’ll take a lot of knee-jerk flack for putting vegan chicks inside the bargain bin, but please hear me out. Avoiding anything so much as manufactured with animal by-product as an intermediate is an anal retention they pursue with occult fervor.

They also tend to buy into any number of tangentially related New Age pseudo-science woo woo, like crystals curing cancer or water having “memory. ” A waifish, cutely small vegan chick is only one mental breakdown away from devolving into an expensive hamplanet. The trouble is that instead of eating cheap processed snacks like a conventional lard bucket, they demand five dollar Snickers bars sold at Wholefoods. You’re then stuck with a fat bitch that eats feel-good calorie bombs and has faith in the psychic powers of dolphins. Have fun consoling her for hours and compassionately patting her rolls whenever that stupid Sarah McLaughlin commercial airs on the TV.

Vegan chicks, on that note, are also one break up away from becoming fat-positive radical feminists. Boring soy-eating feminist sows are never worth the MSRP. Say you re browsing movies at a BestBuy and over in the section where they keep the anime you notice a blue haired sexpot looking at the cover of “Attack of Titans. You move in to scoop her just like in her bishie reveries since most of the competition would rather eat Doritos and post on web forums about how their cartoon crushes are superior to the warmth of organic puss. You think this chick is perfect until flaws start bombarding your senses.

Her small talk immediately reveals that she has deep daddy issues and is socially retarded beyond repair. The only video games she ever actually played are feminist propaganda games like Gone Home or Depression Quest or otherwise shallow, mass-marketed Mountain Dew fare like League of Legends, Call of Duty and Candy Crush. Geeky chicks never come to understand the exhilarating reward of overcoming adversity and will complain on Twitter/Facebook when confronted with any resistance or challenge in games. When they lose, which isn t surprising at all, geeky “gamer grrl” chicks have tantrums that would make any caffeine-fed tween embarrassed. Their Final Fantasy character imprinted fingernails start to shake, or they’ll even sink to the depth of cutting themselves for pity.

You should liken such woman/children to fun beta programs that, when they work, are fun as hell but hobbled by a severely limited scope. They often crash and never advance like other better designed software.

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