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After watching Freak Show on Netflix, I made it a life mission to visit this place and see what it is all about. For a measly five bucks, you get to watch someone stick swords down their throat, stick a hook in their nose to have it come out of their mouth, eat fireballs and electrocute themself and lots more. I was disgusted, amused and entertained all at the same time. There is a mini-museum gallery that is worth pondering at. They allow photos, but no video. The show itself is about 65 minutes long and repeats every ten minutes so since I entered towards the end of one show, I stuck around and watched the next show. I really enjoyed it! For five whole dollars u  get one incredible Show.

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The Venice Beach Freakshow Is Taking Back a Word That Used

Worth every penny   The performers were great and the displays inside astonishing. Great for kids as well as adults   Highly recommend. The owner also takes great care of all his animals u can inquire inside or outIt was pretty cool to see the odd animals, and the people performing. Two headed bearded dragons, turtles, and even snakes. Price is only five dollars to get in to see everything, but there is no seats, only can stand for the short performance. The lady was so polite there that showed us the dog they had there, and teaching us facts about the items they had. Although the bearded lady followed us around continually asking for us to take a picture with her. We just wanted to look at all the animals they had. We gave three dollars, and we were given a rude face and she left us alone. By then we had to leave because the place was closing, we didn t get to finish looking at everything. This place is located on your stroll down Venice beach. The cost is $5 cash only. The show can vary  as far as acts for the day. I d say roughly the show lasts approximately 65min.

Afterwards, you can walk around and look at all the crazy creatures. I d definitely come see this once or twice if you re in Venice. We were very reluctant to go here but ended up going and having a great time! The ring leader was excellent at rounding up a crowd. The cost was $5 and was an excellent show. Everyone so nice. . They had many oddity features on display inside and the show was short to the point but very informative. We saw the smallest man in the US, bearded lady, electric lady, two headed turtles, and many more. Even a sword swallower. Not an average family get together but it was great! ! Worth the price of admission. Pretty entertaining show.

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$65 for two people. It s quick, about 65 min. ,  it s not scary. It s just mind blowing what they are able to do. The cast members are very friendly and will take photographs with the audience after the show. It is a bit eerie. Nice show for $5. This place really stands out on Venice. Relatively short show but very intense and worth it. They are freaky and original. This pregnant lady was passing out right after the show and was helped by the bearded lady which I don t think helped the situation. Priceless! So sad that this closed: ( never got to see it but everyone said it was a must!

Asked the owner of the glasses shop next door why they closed and he said the owners of SNAPCHAT bought out that building and many more evicting the tenants and merchants. Apparently Snapchat is taking over Venice beach and a lot of the street merchants have anti-Snapchat signs all over there businesses. Sad to see everything being bought out, losing the old vibes of diversity. Went here with a friend after YEARS of walking past the two headed turtles outside. It was definitely worth it! The show runs maybe 65-75 minutes? Not very long but it s definitely something you won t forget! My heart really goes out to the performers, specifically Bubble Boy, who shared with us a little about his experience living with his rare genetic condition. I just wanted to hug him! I think what s so great about the Freakshow is its emphasis on the absurd, abnormal and darker side of life. And how there s still so much beauty to be found in the shadows of being different. It s a great show and they all deserve to be seen and admired. Really makes you embrace all perspectives of this weird, wild world! The Venice Boardwalk Freakshow was a must during my visit to LA since I ve watched the entire reality tv show!

It was even better in person, to see all the cool/weird stuff they had as well as the acts. I was most excited about seeing the Bearded Lady and Morgue (the sword swallower. ) It gave me an insight on the people, hearing their stories and what brought them to the Freakshow. Inside, they had double-headed pigs, double-bodied animals with one head, and tons of other exotic things. The cheap $5 admission is well worth the 65 minutes. If you re on the boardwalk or in the Venice area, definitely stop by the Freakshow on Saturday or Sunday (when they re open. )Came to by on Sunday just to do something different and this was def different it was a cheap show just 5 bucks short kinda interesting nothing amazing the kids liked it they had a lot if three headed animals and a small fire show def could be betterThe only reason I even like Venice Beach. The show and the little museum area are very cool and they do try to make the most of their space. I wish they change the show up once in awhile or come up with some new acts. I ve brought visitors here a few separate times because they want to check out Venice Beach and I think after walking around awhile this is the only worth paying money for. Great for $5 and being able to go home and watch their actual TV show on Netflix! Parts of it we had to look away but over all it was a good experience that we almost passed up! Only suggestion I would have it to have more seating. We were lucky enough to et in early and maybe have a way to shuffle people more quickly, in and out.

I was a mess.

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